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Health Yearly Horoscope 2022: Know annual astrological predictions for 12 zodiac signs

2022 will be mixed for health. People of every zodiac should avoid being negligent about health. Everyone needs to take special care due to COVID 19 and Omicron. Know from Acharya Indu Prakash, how will your new year be in terms of health according to your zodiac signs.

Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: January 01, 2022 6:59 IST
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This year will be mixed for health. You will be a little worried about it, due to which you will have minor health problems like blood pressure and cold. But there is no need to panic, soon everything will be fine. This year you should reduce outside food, due to which your health will deteriorate. Do physical activities daily like running, stretching, participating in sports, doing meditation, eat healthy food, which will keep you healthy. If you have back pain and teeth problems, then take it seriously. Do not be careless in this matter. 


This year is going to be mixed for you in health-related matters. You need to be careful of any chronic health issues like pain in your knees, stomach ache etc. This year you should not be too careless, otherwise, your health may deteriorate and you will also get more angry, due to which there may be obstacles in your work. Avoid eating fast food, excessive oily food, as well as keep getting health related checkups done from time to time.


This year you need to be careful about your health. Your anger will increase, due to which you may have problems like high blood pressure, headache etc., which will spoil your work. Especially take care of the health of the elders of your house, so that you do not have to face problems. To find solutions related to your health, you should do regular meditation, pay special attention to the food and the cleanliness of your surroundings. Worship Mother Durga for good health and gift something to little girls.


You need to be a little cautious this year in terms of health. There will be ups and downs in health for about the first four months. A little carelessness can cause trouble for you. Avoid doing the heavy lifting. To avoid stomach related problems, you have to pay special attention to your diet. Keep your weight under control too. Along with health, take full care of cleanliness and above all take care of the health of your mind. Keeping your mind happy should be your New Year's resolution this year.


This year is going to be good for you in terms of health. But due to high work pressure, this year you will also feel a little confused. Along with work, take care of rest as well, this year it will be good if you walk in harmony between your personal and business life. There may be some minor health issues, so avoid eating outside at work. Those who are obese may have to face problems related to lethargy and insomnia.


You need to be careful in health-related matters this year. Problems like shoulder pain, joint pain etc. may trouble you this year. People who have diabetes-related problems should take care of their health. But don't worry everything will be fine in time. Drink fresh vegetables and juices to keep your health healthy. Leaving laziness and changing your routine would be appropriate. Walk a little everyday. This year is special from the point of view that if you make any effort this year, then your years of deteriorating health will be corrected.


In this new year, you need to take some care towards your health. You need to pay some attention to your health. Excess work will spoil your health, you will have stomach related problems, your weight may increase, there will be cholesterol problem, to avoid which you will have to reduce the fried food outside. Any health related problem going on for a long time will be treated by a good doctor.


This year is going to be normal for you in terms of health. You may have some minor health problem. If the life partner is pregnant, then always get her checked up, so that her health remains fine. To overcome the problems related to your health, take care of your diet, stay away from things in your food to which you are allergic. Take the advice of your gym trainer, as well as spend as much time with your friends as possible, which will improve your health.


You will feel very fit in terms of health. You will be free from the troubles of your business and you will soon be free from all the other minor problems. You will always be happy and take care of food and drink. If you were troubled by pain for some reason in your last year, then this year you will get rid of that pain. A new energy will be operating inside you.


This year will be mixed for your health. You should be a little cautious about your health, do not be too careless, do not take too much tension, which will have a direct effect on your health. But slowly everything will be fine. Along with working, you also need rest to maintain good health. Take care of your diet, drink fresh fruits, vegetables and juices, which will keep you healthy.


This year will be normal for you in terms of health. This year you have to be careful about health related problems like sore throat, mental stress, pain in legs etc. Your health will also deteriorate due to excessive anger and there will be problems in work. It would be better if you keep some control on your anger. Reduce fried food in the diet, which can keep your health fine. By the end of the year you will get rid of all the health related problems.


There will be a slight decline in your health this year. You should take care of your liver. You will remain a little worried about the health of your family. You can also be troubled by minor health problems like headache, knee pain etc. But in time everything will be fine. Avoid eating outside food such as spicy food. You should laugh and joke as much as you can with your family members, take care of their food and drink. Everyone should eat fresh vegetables, so that everyone's health is good.


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