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What is the impact of Air Pollution on children's brains? Explain doctors

Recently, a study has shockingly revealed that increasing pollution can damage the brains of children. This affects the neuro-development of children. Doctors have explained why it is happening.

Written By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: April 25, 2024 9:56 IST
Air Pollution on Children's Brain
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Know the impact of Air Pollution on children's brains.

The worsening level of pollution hurts people's health. Due to air pollution, people are becoming victims of many diseases. According to doctors, due to poisonous air, people become victims of respiratory diseases like asthma, and bronchitis, many people have also started complaining of watery eyes and itching in the throat. You will be surprised to know this but children are being affected the most by pollution. Due to pollution, the brain development of children is affected. Recently, a study by Spain's Barcelona Institute for Global Health has shockingly revealed that air pollution has more impact on the brains of children aged 4 to 8 years. Let us know in detail about what has been said in the study.

What does the study say?

According to researchers at Spain's Barcelona Institute for Global Health, air pollution has a greater impact on the brains of children aged 4 to 8 years. This problem is seen more in boys than girls. In areas where AQI goes beyond 500, pollution can also affect the minds of children. 

Inflammation increases in the brain due to pollution

In this study, it has been said that exposure to pollution has a more negative impact on the brain of boys. The brain of boys develops more slowly than that of girls. In such a situation, the brain of boys starts becoming weak due to nitrogen dioxide released from air pollution and it starts swelling. Because of this, the concentration of children has decreased. Polluted particles also cause harm to many other parts of the body through the lungs.

Preventive measures for children:

  • Children must wear masks while going out.
  • Prevent children from going to dusty areas.
  • Take special care of children's diet.
  • If the child is coughing continuously then contact the doctor immediately.

Factors that are responsible for pollution:

Smoke from vehicles, fuel, coal, fuel-fired electrical appliances, pesticides, traffic, factories, smoke from chemical production, and sulfur dioxide are the main causes of air pollution.

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