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More 'fit' India, more 'hit' India, says PM Modi during Fit India Dialogue 2020 | HIGHLIGHTS

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with fitness influencers and citizens during a nation-wide online Fit India Dialogue which was organized to celebrate the first anniversary of the Fit India Movement on September 24. Catch the highlights here.

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New Delhi Updated on: September 24, 2020 17:46 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday interacted with fitness influencers and citizens during a nation-wide online Fit India Dialogue which was organized to celebrate the first anniversary of the Fit India Movement. The online interaction saw participants sharing anecdotes and tips on their own fitness journey while drawing out guidance from the prime minister on his thoughts about fitness and good health. Among those who participated ranged from Virat Kohli to Milind Soman to Rujuta Diwekar in addition to other fitness influencers.

The influencers who shared their thoughts on fitness and health included Kohli, Milind Soman, Paralympian gold medalist Devendra Jhajharia, nutrition expert Rujuta Diwekar, Afshan Ashiq - a woman footballer from Jammu and Kashmir who now trains other girls in football, Swami Shivadhyanam Saraswati - an alumni of IIT and MIT who will be representing the Bihar School of Yoga and Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal's Mukul Kanitkar, who is renowned for his research for National Resurgence and is a educationist, among others. 

"In times of Covid-19 pandemic, fitness has become an even more important aspect of life. The dialogue will see a timely and fruitful conversation on nutrition, wellness and various other aspects on fitness." Envisioned by Prime Minister Modi as a people's movement, the Fit India Dialogue is yet another endeavour to involve citizens of the country to draw out a plan to make India a fit nation, the PIB statement said.

India Tv - PM Modi's Fit India Dialogue to take place at 12 pm on September 24

Image Source : TWITTER/PM MODI

PM Modi's Fit India Dialogue to take place at 12 pm on September 24

In the last one year since its launch, various events organised under the aegis of the Fit India Movement have seen enthusiastic participation of people from all walks of life and from across the country. Catch the LIVE updates of Fit India Movement 2020 here:


Fit India Movement 2020 UPDATES:

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  • 1:19 PM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    PM Modi's final words on fitness

    PM Modi recommended everyone to do fitness activity for at least half an hour a day. 'Fitness Ki Doze, Adha Ghanta Roz' - every Indian should play some game or do some fitness activity, be it Tennis, Badminton, Kabaddi daily. He urges the need to stay together as a family as he said, "The family that plays together, stays together." PM Modi said that during these Covid times, he manages to talk to his mohtre a couple of times in a week and every time his mother asks him if he is having turmeric in food. He said more people will join the Fit India Movement as the more 'fit' India becomes the more 'hit' India will become.

    "I am glad that healthy eating is becoming a part of our way of living," said the Prime Minister, who launched the ‘Fit India Age Appropriate Fitness Protocols’ to inspire one another into following fitness routines.


  • 1:00 PM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    What Mukul Kanitkar has to say about fitness

    Mukul Kanitkar says, "If a society decides to stay fit only then a person decides to do something to make himself fit. I am happy that people nowadays are following the same. After watching PM Modi's surya namaskar video, I felt so good."

  • 12:56 PM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    Virat Kohli reveals his fitness routine

    Speaking about his fitness routine, Virat Kohli said, "In my experience, I experienced a transition. What our fitness routine was previously for our game was not sufficient, so self-realization was needed. I started to remain fit to make my game better. I feel bad if I miss my fitness session rather than my practice." Speaking about Delhi chole bhature, Virat said that "I never experienced any health issue if we eat our native food. When I was growing up, I used to eat a lot of packaged food which was not good for my health, and therefore a change was needed. If we will not keep ourselves fit with the pace of life, you will lag behind. Your mental strength is the combination of your mind and body's strength. There a lot of small things that you need to be aware of. Your intentions matter a lot."


  • 12:44 PM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    Shivadhyanam Saraswati interacts with PM Modi

    Speaking about his lifestyle, Shivadhyanam Saraswati said my gurus had only one motive to spread yoga everywhere. "They have given me teachings and I am trying to follow their path," he said. He talked about the concept of ‘yoga-capsule’, which has ‘mantra’, ‘aasan’, ‘pranayaam’, ‘chitrikaran’ and ‘dhyaan’ as its components.

  • 12:37 PM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    Rujuta Diwekar speaks about healthy eating

    Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar while speaking about 'eat local' said, if we eat local, the food of their region will help their farmers our health and ecological balance. Rujuta reveals ghee is the most searched word in the US. People should not do anything that would disturb their sleep. Eating home-cooked food will help you to stay fit. What our grandmothers tell us has science hidden in it. She says that the appeal for "vocal for local" is the need of the hour. When we say Haldi doodh is good for health, people don't listen. Once someone call it "Turmeric Latte" and people make it a statement. Meanwhile, PM Modi shares his own recipe and revealed that he used to make drumstick paranthas and do that today as well.

  • 12:24 PM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    Milind Soman speaks about fitness

    The Fit India movement is necessary and is doing great work. It is important for everyone to work hard to stay fit and now people are understanding it. A lot of people ask me about my age and fitness, I tell them that it's my mother who 81 years is my inspiration. Our ancestors walked a lot, women in the village walk a lot but in cities where the technology has increased this is less prevalent. the more we sit, we lose our energy. A person can easily walk or run 100 km. The fit India movement helps people in understanding what is their limit. Whatever you have, you can become fit using it you just need to be thoughtful.  

  • 12:16 PM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin
  • 12:15 PM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    Afshan Ashiq shares her story

    "It is important for a girl to stay fit. You are an inspiration for a lot of girls in Kashmir. You have inspired many and I believe a lot of girls will follow you and will come forward to make their future bright," says PM Modi. To which Afshan replies, "A goalkeeper is the one on whom the limelight stays and it is important for him to stay both physically and mentally fit."

  • 12:09 PM (IST) Posted by Parina Taneja

    Olympic gold medal winner Devendra shares his fitness story

    Olympic Gold medal winner in javelin Throw Devendra shares that his mother encouraged him to take fitness seriously. He shares that even after losing one hand, he made himself capable of winning the gold medal. He said that hard work is the key to win in life.

  • 8:26 AM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    What Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju tweeted

  • 6:56 AM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    Fit India Movement History

    The Fit India Movement envisioned by the prime minister and launched by him on August 29, 2019, has seen a collective participation of more than 3.5 crore Indians in various events, with more than 2.5 crore participants in the Fit India Freedom Run that was launched on August 15, 2019, with a digital footprint of 30 crore people.


  • 6:56 AM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    Milind Soman, who is one of the biggest fitness influencers and a winner of the Ironman competition, said that he's keen to share his fitness mantra with the whole country through the Fit India Dialogue. "I have been a proponent of doing simple things and therefore, in the presence of our Prime Minister, I will speak on simple ways to be healthy and fit at any age," he said.


  • 6:54 AM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin
  • 6:53 AM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli has stated that he is honoured to be part of the Fit India Dialogue -- being organised to celebrate the first anniversary of the Fit India Movement -- where he will be interacting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with other renowned fitness influencers on Thursday. "I am honoured to be a part of our Honourable Prime Minister's Fit India Dialogue where you can watch me talk about fitness and more," said Kohli on his official Twitter handle.

  • 6:51 AM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    PM Modi’s Fit India Movement 2020: Rujuta Diwekar to discuss dal chawal ghee and dadi ma ke nuske


  • 6:50 AM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    Jammu and Kashmir woman footballer Afshan Ashiq, who hit the headlines in 2017 as a stone pelter in Srinagar, will be among some top sportspersons of the country who will interact with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Fit India Dialogue session on Thursday.