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Curing diabetes to boosting immunity; know other health benefits of the magic fruit Ramphal

Local seasonal fruits are very beneficial for our health. Here are the health benefits of Ramphal, one such fruit.

Health Desk Written By: Health Desk New Delhi Published on: January 20, 2023 10:00 IST
Health benefits of the magic fruit Ramphal
Image Source : FREEPIK Health benefits of the magic fruit Ramphal

Seasonal fruits are known for the variety of delicious and healthy fruits available in this winter season. One such fruit is Ramphal, from curing diabetes to boosting immunity there is end number of health benefits of this local magic fruit. Eating fruits and vegetables regularly is an important part of a healthy diet. And eating hyper-local fruits daily is the best way to follow a healthy diet, says renowned nutritionist Avni Kaul. They say that including these fruits in your diet will help improve the assimilation of micronutrients in the body.

Health benefits of Ramphal

1. Very good for people with diabetes

For diabetics, it is a continuous struggle to opt for what to eat and what not to, particularly, when it comes to fruits. Kaul explains that Ramphal is a hyper-local fruit that can be beneficial for diabetes as it has blood glucose-reducing properties. It has minerals that make it simply right for pre-diabetes and diabetes.

2. Boosts immunity

Getting better immunity is also one of the Ramphal benefits. Ramphal helps fight off any small sickness caused due to seasonal change. It also has Vitamin A which helps increase immunity and Vitamin B which helps to reduce inflammation. 

3. Relief of joint pain

Ram fruit works as a medicine for those suffering from joint pain. It is anti-inflammatory and helps fight damage caused by free radicals in the body. Thus, Rama fruit relieves joint pain

4. Good for skin

Ramphal benefits also include fighting adult acne. If you are 30 and above and facing acne problems then this fruit will help you bring that glow back. You will need to consume the fruit to get its benefits.  

5. Good for hair

Ramphal helps fight frizzy hair, aids the healing of acne marks, and also aids weak joints. The nutrients in the Ramphal are what help it with so many functions. It also had Vitamin C which benefits humans.

6. Good for the heart

Being rich in carbohydrates is an excellent source of instant energy. Ramphal prevents heart-related issues as the Vitamin B6 present in it controls the fat collection near the heart. Vitamin B6 also prevents the development of kidney stones. Ramphal helps treat anemia as the iron present in it helps produce hemoglobin and transport oxygen to the body's cells.


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