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5 habits of youth that help in preventing depression in old age

Nowadays people are becoming victims of depression at a young age. This is such a disease that destroys a person physically and mentally. If you want to avoid depression and stress in old age, then definitely adopt these habits in youth.

Written By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: June 11, 2024 12:24 IST
Habits that help in preventing depression in old age
Image Source : FREEPIK Habits of youth that help in preventing depression in old age.

There was a time when it was said that children are the support of old age, but now it is not so. Nowadays both sons and daughters-in-law are working, so people do not have time to care for their parents. Most children live away from their parents for work or those who live together have servants in their homes who are kept to take care of the needs of the parents. In such a situation, the problem of depression is increasing among people due to being alone at home all day. There can be many reasons behind depression. Many times a person goes into depression due to diseases. For some people, loneliness leads to depression and stress. In such a situation, planning for your old age should be done in youth. From now on, make some such habits a part of your lifestyle which will help keep you away from depression in old age.

What to do to avoid depression?

Set a routine- In old age, emptiness and loneliness bother people the most. Life seems to stop. As soon as responsibilities end, your needs also start ending. In this fast-paced life, no one has time for you. Therefore, it is better to always keep a routine for yourself. Like what should you do throughout the day? Which work should be done at what time? This will make your day go by easily.

Exercise is important- As age increases, the body becomes weak and many diseases start to develop one by one. Therefore, if you want to remain fit in old age, start paying attention to fitness from now itself. Do exercise, yoga or any kind of exercise daily. This will keep depression away and your mental health will also be good. Exercising keeps stress away.

Healthy diet- Whatever you eat in youth, your body will remain the same in old age. Yes, your diet has a great impact on your health. People who eat and drink well in youth are less troubled by diseases in old age. A healthy diet is also very important to avoid depression. Good food also keeps mental health good.

Take out time for yourself- If you want to avoid depression in old age, then definitely take out some time for yourself. It would help if you started this from now itself. Do meditation or yoga for some time every day. Stress and depression can be reduced by meditation. You should also take some time for any interest. This will prove better for you in old age.

Keep your hobby alive- Keep one of your hobbies alive. This will help you avoid depression. You will be able to take time for yourself. This interest will help you stay busy in old age and keep you away from depression. This will help you to keep your hobby alive. You will not have any sleep problems and you will also have less depression.

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