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3 reasons why pain from old injuries worsens when temperature drops

Old injuries can heal with time but you might still experience pain in cold weather. Know why the pain from old injuries worsens when the temperature drops.

Written By : Health Desk Edited By : Kristina Das
New Delhi
Published on: January 08, 2024 11:59 IST
Old injuries in winter
Image Source : FREEPIK Reasons why pain from old injuries worsens in winter.

Even though old injuries are capable of healing, one may still feel sudden bursts of pain in the previously injured joints when the weather is cold. Here, we help you to understand the factors behind the worsening pain.

When we spoke to Dr Pramod Bhor, Director of Orthopedics and Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon, Fortis Hospital, Vashi, he said that one’s body endures significant strain from our daily activities, often resulting in muscle and joint tension. If you have suffered orthopaedic injuries from an accident, the discomfort may be exacerbated during winter. Know the reasons behind the condition.

  1. In chilly conditions, the atmospheric pressure shifts, impacting the fluid in your body, particularly around your knees and ankles. When it's cold, the barometric air pressure decreases rapidly. This drop in pressure causes gases and fluids around the knees and ankles to expand quickly. As these fluids expand, they gather and create uncomfortable pressure on the nerves, reawakening old injuries.
  2. Orthopaedic injuries lead to heightened nerve sensitivity and tension in the nervous system. A temperature drop acts as a trigger, prompting the body to maintain balance. Due to increased sensitivity, nerves may swiftly react to weather changes, resulting in pain from previous injuries. 
  3. Maintaining an active lifestyle and regularly engaging in exercise is essential for rebuilding muscle strength. During the winter months, a lot of individuals tend to avoid physical activity. Thus,  lack of movement can lead to stiff joints, muscles, and tissues, as well as exacerbate old injuries causing discomfort.

Stay warm in chilly conditions to encourage proper flow of bodily fluids. Engage in physical activity to prevent stiffness in your joints and muscles. Follow your doctor's guidance on using pain relievers to alleviate any emerging discomfort. It is essential to consult the doctor when the pain becomes unbearable. Do not neglect the pain and seek timely medical attention to improve the quality of life.

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