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Zeenat Aman wary of biopics by strangers, deems making it without her involvement foolish

Zeenat Aman's recent Instagram post has sparked discussions about a potential biopic. She shared her thoughts on the matter and what it would take to make it happen.

Written By: Rahul Pratyush New Delhi Published on: March 07, 2024 10:13 IST
Zeenat Aman
Image Source : GOOGLE Zeenat Aman shared an Instagram post where she talks about her biopic

Zeenat Aman is a veteran actress who is widely recognized for her exceptional acting skills and stunning beauty. Despite being 72 years old, she continues to capture the hearts of millions of people with her charming personality. Recently, Zeenat joined Instagram and regularly interacts with her fans by sharing pictures and videos. Her recent post has once again brought her into the spotlight.

Zeenat Aman’s Instagram post:

Zeenat has recently posted an old picture of herself on Instagram, in which she is seen in a glamorous look. She has also written a lengthy caption, in which she talks openly about her biopic. This post has brought Zeenat into the spotlight, as people are curious to know what she said in her caption that has led to so much discussion about her.

Zeenat Aman on her biopic:

A while back, Payal Ghosh, an Indian actress, announced that she would be playing the lead role in the biopic of Zeenat Aman. This sparked discussions on social media about the possibility of a biopic on Aman's life. Recently, Aman herself responded to these talks in a post on her social media handle. She said, “You may dismiss this as the ranting of an old lady, but in my opinion, it would be foolish to make a biopic about me without actually involving me. Quite frankly, nobody knows me like I do - so any research to this end would be incomplete, even flawed, without my input. I’d wager that for every factoid about me that’s available in the public domain, there are a hundred more that are known just to me. There is a trove of milestones, anecdotes and personal revelations that are integral to understanding my journey. I’m only too aware of the stereotyping of “bold women”. I am neither a seductress nor a damsel in distress. And I am certainly not a victim.”

She mentioned that discussions have been ongoing about the possibility of a potential series or films, and she is slowly warming up to the idea. However, she believes that it would require a sensitive director, a brave writer, an immaculate cast, and a producer who is willing to invest in the project. This post of Zeenat is going viral. The possibility of a biopic about her is uncertain, but she emphasized the need for the right team and approach.


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