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Taaza Khabar Review: Bhuvan Bam is sincere in predictable Disney+Hotstar show about underdogs

Taaza Khabar Review: The latest Disney+Hotstar show starring comedian Bhuvan Bam utilises its storyline about underdogs well but the predictability of the plot lets it down.

Devasheesh Pandey Updated on: January 06, 2023 17:07 IST
Taaza Khabar
Taaza Khabar is streaming on Disney+HotstarPhoto:INDIA TV
  • Movie Name:Taaza Khabar
  • Critics Rating: 2.5 / 5
  • Release Date: January 6
  • Director: Himank Gaur
  • Genre: Drama

Taaza Khabar Review: Bhuvan Bam sheds his image of a comic for a raw performance in the latest Disney+Hotstar series, which is now available for streaming. However, he has not been able to do away with it completely, which is a plus point because his humourous side is utilised well in portions. The show is invested in entertainment and does not meddle seriously with themes like class divide and corruption, even though Taaza Khabar is a rags-to-riches story of Vasant (Bhuvan Bam) and how the system is a tool for the rich and powerful.  

Vasant or Vasya, as he is called by people in his chawl, is an employee at a public toilet. He has his heart in the right place and dreams of leaving this life behind. With a stroke of luck, he gets a vardaan (boon). Vasant embarks on a journey to live a wealthy lifestyle. What he gains and loses forms the crux of Taaza Khabar. The six-episode show has a clear vision and delivers without meandering. It creates a relatable world of underdogs, each with their own struggles and dreams, and shows their lives changing with each passing moment. 

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Bhuvan Bam's performance is to the point. He gets under the skin of the character and delivers with conviction. His journey is divided into two distinct halves- the underconfident and scared Vasant who turns to believe he is 'God'. Bhuvan has portrayed both aspects of the character well and the changeover is very subtle. It blends with the narrative and that makes his performance stand out. Shriya Pilgaonkar as Madhu, Deven Bhojani as Mehboob Bhai and Prathamesh Parab as Peter are equally good and come together with Bhuvan to form a quirky and promising ensemble. 


The storyline, however, goes down a predictable path and that kills the excitement midway. Investing in Taaza Khabar gets difficult after a point but with humour splattered in, you will get past the monotony and see it through to the end. The characterisation feels inspired by a number of Bollywood movies and you can see reference points of the quintessential hero, his sidekicks, a devoted lover, and the 'mother figure' in all the characters. This forms another negative of the show and it is not easy to ignore. 

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The cinematography and music help a lot in making the world of Taaza Khabar seem palpable. The dialogue play is convincing but nothing extraordinary. They supplement the show in a good way but do not make it stand out. The merit lies in blending fantasy with the reality of these low-life city dwellers who aspire to be big. Taaza Khabar is nothing more or less than what you would expect it to be. It progresses well and winds up before running out of steam. It will make for an entertaining watch over this weekend.