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Shaitaan Movie Review: Nail-biting thriller laced with Ajay Devgn's family love vs R Madhavan's menacing act

Shaitaan shows the love of a father for his children, who is ready to face every difficulty and challenge before it befalls his children. Scroll down to read the review of the film and also stellar performances portrayed by the cast.

Jaya Dwivedi Updated on: March 08, 2024 14:38 IST
Shaitaan Movie Review
Shaitaan Movie ReviewPhoto:INSTAGRAM
  • Movie Name:Shaitaan
  • Critics Rating: 3 / 5
  • Release Date: March 8, 2024
  • Director: Vikas Bahl
  • Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Ajay Devgn's unending hunger for films including Raid, Drishyam or Singham showcases his love for cultivating stories and treating them his way in a smooth manner. His latest film Shaitaan is a nail-biting thriller which will keep you at the edge of the seat throughout the film. The film shows how much Ajay Devgn's character loves his daughter and would go to any extent to save her from the obstacles. The film was released today. Let's delve into the review of the film.


Shaitaan begins with Ajay Devgn and his family going on a vacation with their two children to a farmhouse. Meanwhile, while the whole family is having fun, an uninvited guest enters their house asking for help. With due time, the guest tries to act friendly and deceives the whole family by playing a trick. 

The guest gains control of Ajay Devgn's daughter by feeding her sweet and making her do things which are beyond their imagination. As the film progresses, the parents become helpless and are unable to do anything for their daughter. With scene by scene, the film creates a sinister atmosphere. In one scene, the daughter becomes suicidal and even becomes ready to kill her family members. With few of the scenes, it does remind us of Akshay Kumar's film Janwar and R. Madhavan's character is similar to Ashutosh Rana.


R.Madhavan's brilliant and intense acting will be etched in your minds for a while. His acting and the stare into the camera has a haunting effect and will give you goosebumps.  Ajay Devgn's portrayal of the protective father has connected with the fans earlier in films like Drishyam. With this film, he has nailed his character with brilliant acting. Ajay Devgn's love for his family vs. R. Mahavan's chaotic act won't let you blink your eyes for a moment. Janki Bodiwala's acting is brilliant too. She played her character of Ajay Devgn's daughter effectively. Jyothika Saravanan has done justice by playing the mother's role who would do anything for her children when in trouble. 



Vikas Bahl has showcased the right emotions in the film. With the father being helpless, the mother taking the form of Durga is shown brilliantly. Every single scene is worth it. 


The whole film is shot in one house and some scenes seem to lack a bit of lighting. The film is fast-paced and not a single scene is boring. One thing that could have been added was music. 


Ajay Devgn and R. Madhavan's supernatural thriller Shaitaan is worth watching for once. With star-cast and stellar performances, the film has strengthened the predictable story.