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Mission Raniganj Review: Did Akshay Kumar as Jaswant Singh Gill justify real story of coal miners? Know here

Akshay Kumar's film 'Mission Raniganj' has been released in theatres. Parineeti Chopra is playing the role of Akshay Kumar's wife in this film. If you also want to go to the theater and watch 'Mission Raniganj', then definitely read this review.

Sarika Swaroop Sarika Swaroop Updated on: October 06, 2023 13:13 IST
mission raniganj review
Official poster of Mission RaniganjPhoto:IMDB
  • Movie Name:Mission Raniganj: The Great Bharat Rescue
  • Critics Rating: 3.5 / 5
  • Release Date: Oct 5, 2023
  • Director: Tinu Suresh Desai
  • Genre: Historical thriller drama

Bollywood's Khiladi Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra-starrer film 'Mission Raniganj' has been released in theaters today. In this film, Akshay Kumar is seen in the role of Jaswant Gill, who was a mining engineer. The story of the film is based on the true story of Jaswant Gill, who saved the lives of 65 people trapped in the flood of coalmine in West Bengal. After doing films like 'Airlift', 'Special 26' and 'Baby', Akshay has come to tell the world the story of another real hero through 'Mission Raniganj', about which many people do not know. How is this movie? How is its story? How is Akshay Kumar's character? Read our review to know.

Mission Raniganj's story

The story of the film starts from Raniganj where it is shown how the people there are earning their living by working in the coal mines. A labourer brings a TV to his home with his hard-earned money, on which the entire village gathers at his house to watch the Mahabharata. Everyone looks very happy during this time. On the other hand, Jaswant Singh Gill (Akshay Kumar) comes to Raniganj with his pregnant wife Nazukta (Parineeti Chopra). Jaswant was working as a rescue engineer of Coal India Limited in Raniganj, Kolkata.

How 71 people got trapped in Raniganj coal mine?

Now, the real story begins when the coal mine workers were happily leaving for the night shift. About 71 people go inside the mine. After this, blasting is done in the mine below, after which suddenly water starts seeping into the mine. Gradually the flow of water becomes very fast. 71 labourers get trapped 350 feet below. Although, initially six labourers had committed suicide. After this, Akshay Kumar i.e. Jaswant Singh Gill takes the responsibility of saving the lives of 65 people trapped below.

Who is not only a mining engineer but also a rescue trained officer.

How Jaswant Singh Gill prepared a capsule to save people?

Here, the senior officers present at the site try their best to solve this difficult situation. But they fail. Time is less and work is more. The people of the village are also scared because a member of their family is trapped in the coal mine below. Despite all efforts, nothing was working. In such a situation, Gill Sahab gets an idea. They prepare a capsule. Initially no one takes Jaswant Singh Gill seriously but the local management of the mine sees hope in him.

One and one become eleven with the help of the technician who supports him in doing experiments other than traditional techniques. The work begins. Meanwhile, some people with business rivalries want that this mission should not be successful in any way. Obstacles are put up. Conspiracies are hatched. Now, in such a situation, how many labourers can Jaswant Singh Gill save? To know this, you must go to the theater and watch 'Mission Raniganj'.


How is the star cast of the film?

Akshay Kumar does not look like Akshay Kumar in this film. He has worked very hard on the character. From look to language, everything is different. Looking at Akshay Kumar's character in this film, it would not be wrong to say that now Akshay is leaving aside the obsession of box office and focusing on choosing legitimate stories. Even though this film may not be able to collect crores, the story of real hero that Akshay has brought to the people through this film is a big thing in itself.

Parineeti Chopra is also looking good in the role of Jaswant Singh Gill's wife in this film. People may like her Punjabi acting in the film to a great extent. Apart from these, actors like Kumud Mishra, Pawan Malhotra, Varun Badola, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Rajesh Sharma, Virendra Saxena, Anand Mahadevan, Jamil Khan, Sudhir Pandey, Ravi Kishan have worked to make the story more powerful with their respective characters. Ravi Kishan's character is worth watching in this film.

Ravi Kishan, who was seen in the role of 'Bhola', has also contributed to his acting in this film. The supporting characters trapped in the mine have also done a good job.

Film's direction

'Mission Raniganj' has been directed by Tinu Suresh Desai. The subject matter of the story is such that if it was not presented well, its soul would have been lost. Director Tinu Suresh Desai deserve a huge round of applause for his work. Desai has maintained his grip from the first shot of the film till the climax. Let us tell you that Tinu has also made the film 'Rustom' with Akshay Kumar in the past. Akshay received the National Award for Best Actor for Rustom. Now, the film 'Mission Raniganj' should be watched. 'Mission Raniganj' takes you 18 years ago, when the workers were facing death and their only hope was Jaswant Singh Gill. If you like a good story and exciting drama then this film is for you, definitely watch it.