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Ae Watan Mere Watan Movie Review: Sara Ali Khan lacks depth in slow moving tale, Emraan Hashmi tries hard to save the boat

Ae Watan Mere Watan Movie Review: Starring Sara Ali Khan and Emraan Hashmi in the key roles, the thriller-drama has been released on Prime Video. Scroll down to read the full review of Ae Watan Mere Watan and get a brief idea about the film here.

Sakshi Verma Sakshi Verma Updated on: March 21, 2024 18:42 IST
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Starring Sara Ali Khan in lead role, Ae Watan Mere Watan is out nowPhoto:INSTAGRAM
  • Movie Name:Ae Watan Mere Watan
  • Critics Rating: 2 / 5
  • Release Date: March 21, 2024
  • Director: Kannan Iyer
  • Genre: Thriller\Drama

Sara Ali Khan starrer Ae Watan Mere Watan is out now on Amazon Prime Videos. The biographical drama is based on the life of Usha Mehta, who was a freedom fighter and worked actively during the 1942's Quit India Movement. Sara, who was last seen in a rather glamorous role in Murder Mubarakh, plays a sober Usha in Kannan Iyer's latest release. She dons khadi sarees and yells 'karo ya maro' at every given point but fails to impress with her performance in Ae Watan Mere Watan too. 


Ae Watan Mere Watan begins with junior Usha telling her father that she wants to fly. Played by Sachin Khedekar, Usha's father tells her to find wings to fly high in the sky. The film then teleports to 1940s when Sara Ali Khan can be seen having difference of opinion with her father over Britain's involvement in India. However, soon does Usha realise that her wings are her fighting spirit and love for the nation. Usha then starts her radio station titled Congress Radio to unite people and ignite the Quit India Movement. She is joined by two other college friends and patriotic citizens, Fahad (played by Sparsh Srivastava) and Kaushik (played by Abhay Verma). 

While the three seem to be finding their paths to unite people with the help of their radio, they meet Ram Manohar Lohia (played by Emraan Hashmi). Despite a slow first half, the film progresses faster in the second half when John Lyre, the Mumbai Crime Branch head is assigned to shut the radio and capture the culprits. With a bit of fighting, impossible romantic moments, friendship calls and freedom struggle, the film leads to its end. 


Kannan Iyer, who was last applauded for Ek Thi Daayan can't expect the same with Ae Watan Mere Watan. The writing of this film lacks depth which is visible in the performances. Sparsh and Emraan try hard to hide the flaws with their brilliant performances but Ae Watan Mere Watan could have been a lot better. It is always tough to present real-life characters on screen but movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, and Sardar Udham have set the bar so high that Ae Watan Mere Watan seems weak in the writing and presentation. Kannan Iyer's second half tries to create a thriller vibe but the biographical drama remains a drama only. 



Sara Ali Khan's portrayal of Usha Mehta looks half-baked throughout. Even too much hand movements make her look poor on screen. Moreover, her depthless performance gets highlighted every time she shares the frame with Sparsh and Emraan. Laapataa Ladies actor Sparsh Srivastava is brilliant as Fahad. He makes you feel for the freedom struggle and clinches your heart with on-point dialogue delivery. You will definitely see more of this new-age actor. Emraan Hashmi's versatility quotient is increasing with each performance. An actor who was type casted for so long has broken barriers with films like Tiger 3 and Ae Watan Mere Watan. Hashmi's portrayal of the real-life character of Ram Manohar Lohia flows smoothly in each frame and the actor makes his performance count. You would feel for Abhay Verma's Kaushikk and Sachin Khedekar as Sara's on-screen father is also perfect casting. His last letter reading scene was a standout for me.


Apart from Sara's pale performance, another big back draw of Ae Watan Mere Watan is its music. Any film that is based on nationality or patriotism has a wide scope for emotional lyrics and goosebump-worthy songs. Unfortunately, music composers Utkarsh and Umesh Dhotekar failed to grab the opportunity. Hence, even the film fails to create a bond with its audience as no song or background score from Ae Watan Mere Watan will impress them. A big disappointment here!


I would only like to give 2 stars to Ae Watan Mere Watan as the film offers nothing new to its audience. The film is based on one of many unsung heroes of our freedom struggle, Usha Mehta. But having such a big responsibility, the makers have presented a slow and non-interesting film. However, a good takeaway from Ae Watan Mere Watan is undoubtedly Emraan Hashmi and Sparsh Srivastav. The film is now available on Prime Videos.