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'Thor' Chris Hemsworth shows no-equipment workout plans for ripped physique

The fact that you can workout without a professional gym set up and equipment is all the motivation you need to get up and get fit. Thor star Chris Hemsworth shows various exercise routines that you can try for a whole body workout. 

India TV Entertainment Desk Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: January 14, 2022 23:27 IST
'Thor' Chris Hemsworth shows no-equipment workout plans for ripped physique

'Thor' Chris Hemsworth shows no-equipment workout plans for ripped physique


  • Want a body like Chris Hemsworth and don't know the right workout plan? Thor actor is here to help
  • The biggest advantage of Chris Hemsworth's routines is that it is a no-equipment workout plan
  • Chris will be sporting a bigger build in Thor: Love And Thunder and Extraction 2

Actor Chris Hemsworth has always been looked up to by the fans for his awesome physique. For upcoming movies Thor: Love And Thunder, Extraction 2 and Hulk Hogan biopic, Chris has been putting in extra hours to get a bigger build. In a latest video shared on social media, he showed his fans a 'no equipment' workout plan that targets the whole body and can be easily replicated by anyone who wants a ripped physique. Of course, consistency and right technique is key. 

In a video, Chris shows a five-exercise plan that you need to do to workout the whole body. The exercises include--- mountain climber switch, squats, plank shoulder taps, reverse lunges and bicycle sit ups. Chris shows his fans and fellow fitness enthusiasts how to do the exercises in the right manner for maximum results and the sets and reps that each exercise requires in a single workout cycle. 

Take a look to get ripped like Chris. 


Earlier, Chris had shared another no-equipment workout plan for his fans. The routine had as many as 10 exercises and will target the entire body in a single workout routine. This is a more advanced group of exercises and Chris even demonstrates the correct way to do each one of them for maximum effect. 

On the movies front, Chris will be seen in highly anticipated Marvel Studios film Thor: Love And Thunder, co-starring Christian Bale, Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson. The movie is eyeing July 6 release. Chris is also set to return for the sequel to his blockbuster Netflix film Extraction.  


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