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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 trailer: Who is Adam Warlock, played by Will Poulter?

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 trailer has been released. The upcoming movie will introduce a new superhero, Adam Warlock, played by Will Poulter.

India TV Entertainment Desk Written By: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Updated on: December 02, 2022 21:49 IST
Will Poulter as Adam Warlock
Image Source : TWITTER/CULTURE CRAVE Will Poulter plays the role of Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 trailer was revealed by the makers on Friday. The upcoming film will be ending the trilogy and the fans are hyped up for the upcoming MCU film. James Gunn is the writer and director of the GOTG franchise and is also helming the upcoming threequel. In the new footage, some of the interesting aspects have been teased, including the first look of Will Poulter as Adam Warlock. For many who are not versed in Marvel's comic universe, the new character will need some introduction. 

Who is Adam Warlock?

Adam Warlock is one of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel Comics. The possibility of the character in the MCU was teased in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, which came out in 2017. It has taken almost six years for the character to be finally introduced in the MCU and he will be one of the star attractions in GOTG 3. Adam Warlock was created by legendary writers Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, and was first introduced in the late 1960s - early 1970s.

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What are Adam Warlock's powers? 

Adam Warlock's powers -- flight, super-strength, regeneration, energy manipulation -- are comprehensive and rival the most powerful Marvel characters ever created. For the role, Will Poulter, known for roles in The Underground Railroad and the limited series Dopesick, has also beefed up. In his first look, Poulter's hair is gelled and he appears with bronze on his face. In the trailer, Warlock makes an impressive entry and appears to land from somewhere while he looks into the distance with rage and fury. In another cut, he seems to be beating down someone, possibly Nebula. 

It will be interesting to see how Warlock is woven into the GOTG storyline and how far he will go in the MCU.

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Check out the GOTG Vol 3 trailer here. 

Here's the first official poster of GOTG 3. 

The movie will hit the big screens on May 5, 2023. 






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