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Twitter continues to layoff more employees after shutting India offices

Twitter continues downsizing and laying off employees across departments as part of its efforts to cut costs and streamline operations. The latest layoffs reportedly impacted sales and other teams, and the exact number of employees affected is unknown.

India TV Tech Desk Edited By: India TV Tech Desk New Delhi Updated on: February 21, 2023 11:57 IST
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Image Source : AP Twitter CEO Elon Musk

Twitter has been laying off employees across various departments since November last year, and the downsizing continues on a large scale. Recent reports indicate that the company has fired a number of employees in sales and other teams. According to a report, the move to fire more employees is part of Twitter's efforts to reduce costs and streamline operations.  

Reports suggest that the employees from the sales team were laid off only last week. The exact number of staff affected by the most recent round of layoffs is not yet known, however reports state that Twitter had roughly 800 individuals working in sales and marketing roles as of January 2023. The number of employees who have been laid off in the Indian region is currently unclear. 

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In another cost-cutting move, Twitter recently closed two of its three offices in India and instructed its employees to work remotely. This comes in addition to several rounds of layoffs that have taken place over the past few months. In fact, last year, as many as 200 employees in India received termination letters from the company. Twitter has been implementing these measures across global regions to improve its revenue stream and reduce costs. 

In addition, Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has removed several key benefits that were previously available to Twitter employees. These perks included wellness allowances, free home internet, daycare, and other similar benefits. 

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To recover costs, Twitter has launched a subscription service called Twitter Blue, which provides access to several premium features and requires users to pay to access them. In India, the subscription costs Rs 999 for iOS users. The company intends to introduce the service to Android users in the country as well, with a starting price of Rs 900. 


1. Why is Twitter laying off employees across departments?
Twitter is reportedly laying off employees as part of its cost-cutting measures to improve revenue and streamline operations. The company has implemented several rounds of layoffs globally since November 2022, affecting various departments.

2. What is Twitter Blue and why is it being launched?
Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service that provides users with access to premium features on the platform. It is being launched in India as part of Twitter's efforts to generate better revenue. The service is currently available to iOS users in India at a cost of Rs 900, and is expected to roll out to Android users soon.

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