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'Hope to meet and get jersey with his name': Sachin Tendulkar showers praise on para cricketer Amir Lone

Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar is in awe of the Jammu and Kashmir Para cricket team's captain Amir Hussain Lone. Amir is an armless cricketer, who bats with the batting gear between his head and shoulder and delivers the ball with his legs. Sachin hopes to meet the Para cricketer.

Varun Malik Written By: Varun Malik @varunm0212 New Delhi Published on: January 13, 2024 13:18 IST
Ami Hussain Lone J&K captain
Image Source : GETTY, SCREENGRAB Sachin Tendulkar and Amir Hussain Lone.

Jammu and Kashmir's Para Cricket Captain Amir Hussain Lone has been inspiring everyone who has come to know about him. Amir, an armless cricketer, has been playing cricket for more than 10 years despite all the odds that may have come. He plays in a unique style as he uses his legs to deliver a ball and bats with the batting gear between his head and shoulders.

Amir has become an inspiration on the Internet since his video was shared by the news agency ANI. Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar has showered huge praise on the J&K Para captain stating that he has made the impossible possible. The iconic cricketer was so much in awe of Amir that he hoped to meet him and get a jersey with his name.

"And Amir has made the impossible possible. I am so touched watching this! Shows how much love and dedication he has for the game. Hope I get to meet him one day and get a jersey with his name. Well done for inspiring millions who are passionate about playing the sport," Sachin wrote on his social media account X.

Amir's inspiring journey

Hailing from the Bijbehara village in Jammu and Kashmir, the 34-year-old Amir suffered a tragedy when he lost both of his arms in an accident at his father's mill. He was eight years old then. He says he did not lose hope after the accident and is not dependent on anyone for his work. Amir started playing professional cricket when a teacher discovered his cricketing talent in 2013 and introduced him to Para cricket. 

The J&K star bowls with his legs and bats with the bat placed between his head and his shoulder. "After the accident, I didn't lose hope and worked hard. I can do everything by myself and I am not dependent on anyone. No one helped me after my accident. Not even the government supported me but my family was always there for me," Amir told ANI.

"I played nationals in Delhi in 2013 and in 2018 I played an international match against Bangladesh. After that, I played cricket in Nepal, Sharjah and Dubai. Everyone was shocked to see me playing with my legs (bowling) and batting with my shoulder and neck. I thank God for giving me the strength to play cricket," he added.

Amir said that he gets applauded wherever he goes. He added that he met Vicky Kaushal and a movie is being made about him.  "I have been applauded for my game everywhere and I think it's because of god that my hard work paid off because bowling from the legs is really difficult but I have learned all the skills and techniques. I do every task on my own and I am not dependent on anyone except god. Pickle Entertainment is making a movie for me and the date will be announced soon. I went to a show where Vicky Kaushal was also there and they were also stunned by my journey and said that they would make a movie about me

He wishes to meet Sachin and Virat Kohli. "Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli are our favourite players and if God wishes, we will meet them soon," he added. It seems God is hearing Amir's wish.


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