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Uber driver places 'Don't call me uncle' notice on car seat, netizens say 'Driver playing safe'

A viral picture shows a Uber cab driver's hilarious notice which reads, "Don’t call me bhaya & uncle." The notice has gone viral on the internet and has left netizens in splits. Check out.

Akshat Sundrani Written By: Akshat Sundrani New Delhi Published on: September 29, 2022 18:38 IST
Uber driver places 'Don't call me uncle' notice on car
Image Source : TWITTER/@MITTERMANIAC Uber driver places 'Don't call me uncle' notice on car

The customer conversations of Uber cab drivers are often trending owing to the humorous element. Twitterati frequently post about their weirdest encounters with cab drivers. However, recently, a picture of an intriguing note posted by an Uber cab driver has been making the rounds on the internet. The hilarious note has left netizens in splits.

The viral picture shows a notice that an Uber driver put up on the back of a seat. The notice reads, "Don’t call me bhaya & uncle." The picture was uploaded by a Twitter account named Sohini M. 

The bizarre notice went viral in no time and netizens rushed to the comment section to react on it. One user wrote, "I have always stuck to calling people Boss." Another user wrote, "Every women of this country don't hurt his feelings." A third user commented, "To the driver - OK Bro." A user also wrote, "Then what to call." A user commented, "I address them as Sir or Mam. This sounds respectful and professional. Also, very safe to use because uncle aunty bhaiyya go wrong at times."

To everyone's surprise, Uber India's official account reacted to the post and wrote, "When in doubt, check the name on the app."

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In another incident, recently, an Uber driver caused a stir by revealing a married passenger's affair. She described the incident in a Tiktok video. Driver Roni claims that when she picked up a man, she witnessed him say goodbye to his wife and kids outside of his home before getting into the car. She claims that after that, the customer added a second stop to the trip, and when they arrived at this new location, a woman with "a little bit of luggage" got into the car as well. The man expressed his relief at finally being free of his wife. Then, the two exchanged kisses in the car. After seeing all this, Roni dropped the passenger off in front of his marital home, accompanied by his lover. 

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