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YouTube to get a 'Hum to Search' AI feature: Here’s how it works

YouTube Music’s 'Hum to Search' AI feature represents a significant advancement in music discovery technology. By allowing users to find songs through humming, singing, or whistling, YouTube Music is poised to offer a more seamless and intuitive user experience.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: May 27, 2024 16:11 IST
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Image Source : FILE YouTube to get a 'Hum to Search' AI feature: Here’s how it works.

YouTube Music is set to roll out a new AI-powered feature which will enable users to find songs by humming, singing or just whistling the tune. The innovative addition has been designed to help the users identify stuck tunes in their heads - even when they cannot recall the lyrics. The new feature will be part of YouTube Music's ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience and provide more intuitive ways to discover music.

How to use ‘hum to search’?

The new feature where YouTube users will be introduced to a waveform icon is placed next to the microphone icon on the platform, which appears when you will tap the search button in the upper right corner of the app. 

By tapping this icon, the app will start to listen and open up a page with the prompt 'Play, sing or hum a song' at the top. The wave-like animation at the bottom of the screen will indicate that the application is ready to identify the tune.

How fast will it be at responding?

Reports have suggested that the new humming search feature which is said to be faster than Apple’s Shazam will enable the user to simply hum their favourite song. With this, AI will help the user to find the song, within seconds. YouTube Music will identify and present the matching track. 

As per the 9to5Google report, the new AI feature was spotted in the YouTube Music application for Android (version 7.02 or higher). However, some users have noted that even after updating to the latest version, the feature is not yet visible to many users- meaning, the rollout is gradual.

YouTube Humming vs. Apple’s Shazam: Which one is better?

The concept of identifying music via humming was first popularized by Shazam, an app that recognizes music based on a short sample played through the microphone of the device. 

Shazam, created by Shazam Entertainment in London, has been owned by Apple for some years. It has been a staple for music identification, and relies on a strong wireless connection to function effectively.

Benefits of YouTube’s new feature ‘Hum to search’?

YouTube’s new AI-based 'Humming' search option claims to be more efficient. Unlike Shazam, which used to freeze sometimes, and required a decent wireless connection, the video streaming platfrom aims to identify songs swiftly with just a few seconds of humming. 

This user-friendly approach has the potential to position YouTube Music as a more reliable alternative for music identification.

Despite the excitement, critics have noted some challenges with the new feature added on YouTube. Some users have reported that the song search feature is not yet available on their devices, even after updating the app

While it may take some time for the feature to be universally available, it is said to have the potential to surpass existing solutions like Shazam. 

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