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Your smartphone battery is draining fast? Here are the reasons to check and how to fix it?

Smartphone users often encounter the issue of rapidly draining batteries, which can significantly impact the lifespan of their device, along with their productivity. When a situation like this surfaces, one must check and change several settings on the handset.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: May 30, 2024 17:57 IST
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Image Source : FILE Your smartphone battery is draining fast? Here are the reasons to check and how to fix it?

Smartphones are considered as an extended arm in today’s time which handles all our tasks every day- from entertaining us to managing our work. It certainly is an integral part of our daily lives and we can't imagine a day without using it. From online payment, education, shopping, food ordering, money transfer and entertainment- it does everything. But with great power, the device needs great strength- and this leads to battery draining. The battery health on your handset has to be good and could last for atleast 10-12 hours, to consider it to be a good device. 

Many times, smartphone users face difficulties where the battery starts to get drained quickly, leading to the phone’s short life which might affect our work. Whenever the battery of a smartphone starts to drain, it has to be connected to either a charger or a powerbank- leading to battery damage. 

If you are facing the problem of battery drain, then there are several ways to fix it. Let us talk about the ways to fix the battery life of the smartphone.

Adjust the screen brightness

We have witnessed that several users are using their handsets with maximum brightness, leading to fast battery draining. The display consumes the most of your battery and due to high brightness, the process speeds up. High brightness is harmful to your eyes too. Keep the brightness on auto mode and by doing this, you could increase the battery life.

Block background apps

Smartphone users do not know but several apps, when running in the background consume much battery. Therefore, open only those applications which you need and close all the apps that are running in the background.

Disable auto-update

Many times the auto update setting is on in the smartphone. Due to auto-update, the smartphone apps start updating automatically and during the update, they consume battery fast. Therefore, if you want to increase the battery life of the smartphone, then disable the auto-update setting immediately.

Use Wi-Fi mode

If you have a Wi-Fi connection then use Wi-Fi most of the time. Using a cellular connection consumes more battery. You can increase the battery life of your phone by using a Wi-Fi connection.

Use this method to increase battery life

Let us tell you that if the battery of your phone gets exhausted quickly then you should use power-saving mode. As soon as you turn on this setting, the phone's battery supplies power to only some important applications. By turning on power saving mode, you will not be able to use some services.

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