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WhatsApp to let users rearranging their favourite contact list: know-how

The upcoming feature will have the ability to become a valuable addition to the WhatsApp ecosystem, by empowering the users to connect with their contacts, more efficiently.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: April 21, 2024 19:40 IST
Image Source : FILE WhatsApp

WhatsApp, an instant messaging platform is reportedly planning to launch Android-specific features. As per the recent reports from WABetaInfo, the platform has been spotted promising new features in the development. The upcoming addition to the messaging platform is a ‘Favorite’ tab for contacts, designed to enhance user convenience and accessibility.

Favorite tab

The ‘Favorite’ tab will be poised to revolutionize how users will interact with their contacts by allowing them to remove, add and rearrange contacts in the list. The new functionality further aims to streamline the process of reaching out to frequently contacted individuals which will further minimize the need pf scrolling via lengthy contact lists.

Primary benefits

One of the primary benefits of this feature is the ability to expedite messaging, video calls and voice calls. With the help of quick access to preferred contacts, users will be able to seamlessly initiate conversations and connect with their contacts without any hassle - by searching their entire contact list.

However, this is worth noting that while the ‘Favorite’ tab shows great promise, it is yet in the early stages of development. 

When will the feature be available?

So far, the new feature is yet not available for beta testers (by the time of writing, as per the report), and it is expected to undergo refinement further, before being rolled out to the end users. 

Although the specific timelines are yet not out and are uncertain, Android users may be the first pens to experience the upcoming feature, as per the report.

Simplify communication and enhance usability

As per the information so far, the introduction of the ‘Favorite’ tab will reflect WhatsApp's ongoing commitment to enhanced user experience and will further address common pain points encountered by its user base. 

The new feature will simplify communication and enhance usability, the instant messaging platform continues to evolve as a leading messaging platform in the digital landscape.

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