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Steps to download your pictures and posts before deleting your Facebook account

Here is a step by step guide to archive your data- photos, videos, and posts before you delete your Facebook profile.

Written by: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: May 24, 2022 19:19 IST
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Steps to download your pictures and posts before deleting your Facebook account 

Maybe you have done enough of browsing and stalking Facebook, now Meta, and it's the time when you want to bid goodbye from the social media platform. 

But one must definitely get the download all the personal data like pictures, posts, and posts (if you need), before deleting your profile.

Your Facebook profile does contain all of the information related to your account, which further included your personal photo gallery and albums, active sessions and events, chat history for years with people who might even not be in this world anymore, your IP addresses, facial recognition data, a number of ads which you might have clicked up on to, and more. 

Indeed a backup to this must be taken before you go aloof from the social media platform. 

Here are a few steps which might help you to archive before deleting your Facebook profile: 

  1. Go to the upper right corner
  2. Click on the down arrow placed there
  3. Go to Settings & Privacy 
  4. Now proceed to Settings
  5. On the left column, click ‘Your Facebook Information
  6. Now in the center, click on Download Your Information
  7. You will land on a Downloads page and select the information you would like to download (or you could choose to download your entire data). 
  8. Now, near the top of the page, under Select file options, you will see a drop-down list which helps you to create a date range. Choose your data download either in HTML or JSON
  9. Also choose the quality - high, medium, or low media
  10. When you have selected all the options, kindly recheck and then scroll down. 
  11. Click on Request a download post which you will receive a notification via email once your file is ready and it will take a couple of day’s time to do the needful. 
  12. If your file still awaits, then you may enquire about the status of your download by going back to the ‘Downloads’ page and selecting the Available files tab.

And once you are finished with the downloads which you archived, you may delete your account permanently. But kindly note that once you delete your account, no data could be recovered, so make the decision wisely.



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