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Reliance Jio plans 'Bharat GPT' AI model for India: Everything you need to know

Reliance Jio has joined forces with IIT-Bombay to introduce 'Bharat GPT,' a language model tailored for India. The telecom giant also plans to diversify into media, commerce, and devices, hinting at the launch of its TV operating system.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: December 28, 2023 11:12 IST
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Reliance Jio, India's leading telecom provider, is teaming up with the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay to create 'Bharat GPT,' a large-language model designed specifically for India. The announcement was made by Chairman Akash Ambani at IIT's annual Techfest in Mumbai.

“At present, we have just scratched the surface with large language models and generative AI and the next decade will be defined by these applications,” Ambani said 

AI in the Next Decade

Akash Ambani highlighted Jio's plans to integrate AI across its enterprise and various sectors. He emphasised that the coming decade will be shaped by large-language models and generative AI. Jio aims to not only incorporate AI vertically within its organisation but also apply it horizontally across all sectors.

Jio plans to venture into diverse sectors, including media, commerce, communication, and devices. Ambani expressed the belief that AI will play a pivotal role across these domains, stating that AI, for him, stands for both artificial intelligence and "all included."

Operating System for Television

In a strategic move, Jio is contemplating the launch of its operating system for televisions. Ambani revealed that the company has been actively working on developing its own OS for TVs and is thoroughly considering how to introduce it to the market.

Jio 2.0 Vision

While not providing specific details, Ambani hinted at the ongoing work related to the vision of "Jio 2.0." This suggests that Jio is gearing up for new developments and innovations to enhance its services.

5G Private Networks and Stack for Enterprises

Expressing enthusiasm about 5G private networks, Ambani stated that Jio is eager to offer 5G stacks to enterprises of all sizes.

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