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Microsoft secures board presence in OpenAI with 49 per cent stake and observer seat

Bret Taylor, the board chair, conveyed excitement about Altman, Mira, and Greg Brockman leading the OpenAI together again.

Vishal Upadhyay Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: November 30, 2023 11:21 IST
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OpenAI's recent shake-up saw Sam Altman returning as CEO after some intense events. Microsoft, a major investor with a 49 percent stake, now has a non-voting observer seat on the board. The new board includes chair Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo.

“We will build a qualified, diverse board of exceptional individuals whose collective experience represents the breadth of OpenAI’s mission – from technology to safety to policy. We are pleased that this Board will include a non-voting observer for Microsoft,” OpenAI board chair Bret Taylor said in a statement.  

According to IANS, Sam Altman, in a memo, expressed no hard feelings towards Ilya Sutskever, the co-founder and chief scientist behind Altman's previous removal. While Ilya won't be on the board anymore, there's an ongoing discussion about how he can continue contributing to OpenAI.

Altman assured employees that despite the turmoil, not a single customer was lost. He emphasised plans to advance research and invest more in safety efforts.

OpenAI board chair Taylor told employees that they are thrilled that “Sam, Mira, and OpenAI President and co-founder Greg Brockman are back together leading the company and driving it forward”.

Notably, Altman's journey involved initial dismissal by the previous board due to a loss of confidence in his leadership. However, Microsoft's Satya Nadella later brought Altman and Brockman on board to drive advanced AI initiatives.

In his memo, Altman outlined a clear research roadmap and viewed the crisis as an opportunity. He highlighted collaboration with Mira Murati on these plans. 

Inputs from IANS 

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