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Microsoft prepares to debut inaugural AI chip at upcoming ignite conference

Microsoft is poised to introduce its inaugural artificial intelligence (AI) chip at the forthcoming 'Ignite' developers' conference, slated for next month. This strategic move is aimed at diminishing Microsoft's dependency on Nvidia-manufactured AI chips, which have been facing shortages.

Edited By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: October 08, 2023 16:33 IST
Microsoft, AI chip, ignite conference
Image Source : FILE Microsoft prepares to debut inaugural AI chip at upcoming ignite conference

Microsoft is reportedly set to unveil its first artificial intelligence (AI) chip at its upcoming developers' conference, 'Ignite,' which is scheduled for next month. This move is seen as an effort by Microsoft to reduce its reliance on Nvidia-designed AI chips, which have been in high demand but short supply.

The AI chip, codenamed Athena, is designed for use in data centre servers, similar to Nvidia GPUs currently used in Microsoft's data centre servers. These GPUs power advanced language models (LLMs) for cloud customers, such as OpenAI and Intuit, as well as AI features in Microsoft's productivity applications.

The introduction of Athena could potentially allow Microsoft to gain more control over its AI hardware infrastructure, reduce costs, and ensure a stable supply of chips for its AI-related endeavours.

This development comes as other tech companies, including OpenAI, are also exploring the development of their own AI chips due to concerns about the availability and cost of hardware required for AI processing.

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Microsoft's annual Ignite conference, where this announcement is expected to be made, will run from November 14 to 17, providing an ideal platform to showcase its AI chip and outline its plans for AI hardware.

Microsoft's foray into designing its AI chips is a strategic move aimed at strengthening its position in the rapidly evolving AI landscape and reducing its dependence on third-party hardware suppliers. As the demand for AI capabilities continues to grow across various industries, companies like Microsoft are keen on developing their in-house AI solutions to remain competitive and innovative.

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