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Microsoft and OpenAI collaborate on USD 100 billion 'Stargate' Supercomputer Project, pioneering AI data

Microsoft and OpenAI's collaboration on the ambitious data centre project signifies their commitment to advancing AI capabilities and addressing the growing demand for AI-driven solutions.

Edited By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: March 30, 2024 22:07 IST
Microsoft, OpenAI
Image Source : FILE Microsoft and OpenAI Collaborate on USD 100 Billion

Microsoft and OpenAI are reportedly collaborating on a groundbreaking data centre project, rumoured to cost up to $100 billion, as reported by The Information.

Introduction of Stargate AI Supercomputer

The project includes the development of an artificial intelligence supercomputer named "Stargate," slated for launch in 2028.

Rising demand for AI data centres

The surge in demand for AI data centres, driven by the rapid adoption of generative artificial intelligence technology, underscores the need for advanced infrastructure capable of handling complex AI tasks.

Financial backing and scope

Microsoft is expected to finance the project, which is projected to be 100 times more expensive than existing data centres.

U.S. - based Supercomputer

The proposed supercomputer, set to be the largest in a series of planned installations over the next six years, will be based in the United States.

Phased development approach

The project is divided into five phases, with Stargate representing the final phase. Microsoft is concurrently working on a fourth-phase supercomputer for OpenAI, targeted for release around 2026.

Significant Investment in AI Chips

A substantial portion of the project's cost will involve acquiring specialized AI chips, which are essential for powering advanced AI capabilities.

Microsoft's Infrastructure Innovation

Microsoft remains committed to driving innovation in AI infrastructure to push the boundaries of AI capability.

Projected Expenses

The total expenses for the project could exceed $115 billion, reflecting a significant investment in infrastructure and technology development.


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