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How to protect your smartphone from getting hacked?

With the looming threat of cybercriminals, who aim to breach our phone's security for various malicious purposes such as tracking our activities, extracting sensitive information, or even extorting ransom, it's crucial to stay vigilant.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: October 03, 2023 12:43 IST
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Image Source : FILE How to protect your smartphone from hacking?

In an era where our smartphones are our digital lifelines, safeguarding our privacy and data has become paramount. Threats from cybercriminals loom large, as they seek to compromise our phone's security for nefarious purposes, including tracking activities, extracting confidential data, or even holding it for ransom. Here's a look at how you can identify if your phone has been hacked and steps to protect your privacy.

1. Inappropriate pop-ups:

If you're bombarded with inappropriate or X-rated advertisements and pop-ups on your mobile device, it's a clear indicator that your phone may have been compromised.

2. Uninitiated calls or messages:

Discovering unknown calls and messages originating from your phone is a red flag that your device's security may have been breached.

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Image Source : FILEHow to protect your smartphone from hacking and be safe?

3. Excessive data usage:

A sudden spike in your data bill without an increase in your online activities could signify that a hacker is using your device's data to run background apps.

4. Rapid battery drain:

While it's normal for a phone's battery life to decrease over time, an alarming rate of battery drain may point to a hacked device.

5. Poor performance:

If your phone exhibits sluggish performance, such as app crashes, screen freezes, or unexpected restarts, it could indicate a security breach.

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Image Source : FREEPIKHow to protect your smartphone from hacking?

6. Unrecognized apps:

Spotting unfamiliar applications that you didn't download is a sign that a hacker may have infiltrated your device.

7. Suspicious activity on social accounts

Unauthorized actions on your social media or email accounts linked to your phone may be a consequence of a device compromise, potentially leading to identity theft.

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8. Disrupted communication

If your calls and messages suddenly cease, it's possible that your SIM card has been cloned by the hacker through your service provider.

While Apple generally provides stronger security for iOS users, no device is entirely immune to hacking. Android users should be particularly vigilant, as reports indicate a rise in pre-installed malware and adware designed to pilfer data or capture attention. To safeguard your privacy, it's essential to remain vigilant, regularly monitor your phone's behaviour, and take prompt action if you suspect a security breach.

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