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Google to roll out Gemini Nano AI model to Pixel 8: Details here

The Gemini Nano AI model is currently available on Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones. The AI model allows smartphones to process data locally without sending it to a server.

Written By: Om Gupta New Delhi Published on: March 29, 2024 7:28 IST
Google Pixel 8
Image Source : GOOGLE Google Pixel 8

Google is all set to roll out its new large language model, Gemini, to the Pixel 8 smartphone. The smartphone will get a Gemini Nano version of the model, which can run locally on a smartphone. This version of the model was rolled out to Pixel 8 Pro last year and to Samsung Galaxy S24 in January this year. 

Gemini Nano will roll out with the next Pixel Feature Drop and will be currently available in developer preview mode as the company wants to collect feedback on how the model is working on a smartphone with lower specifications. Pixel 8 features Tensor G3 chipset, which was designed to speed up AI performance. The same chipset is also available on the Pixel 8 Pro so users can expect a similar experience on Pixel 8 smartphone. 

The company originally said the Pixel 8 could not handle the Gemini Nano model because of hardware limitations despite it having the same chip as the Pixel 8 Pro. The only difference between both smartphones is RAM allocation. It seems the company has found a way to bypass that limitation. 

What will Gemini Nano do in Google Pixel 8? 

The company will roll out two features of Pixel 8 Pro to Pixel 8, which will use Gemini Nano. The Recorder app’s Gemini-powered summary feature will no longer need to send data to a server and will work on the device locally to create summaries of recorded conversations. 

In addition to this, the model will also power Gboard’s Smart Reply toolset on Pixel 8. This toolset will be aware of the context of conversations and will suggest responses to messages. The toolset was earlier exclusive to WhatsApp but it has been recently expanded to Line and Kakao Talk. 

Furthermore, the model powers on-device  Magic Compose in Messages on the Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung S24 but the company is yet to confirm whether this tool will be available on Pixel 8. 

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