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Google Gemini AI assistant set for major enhancements

Google's Gemini AI Assistant is set to introduce a voice assistant for Android devices to poise an upgrade to better compete with Google Assistant. Gemini has started facing challenges in gaining user popularity due to its limitations in performing on-device tasks.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: April 24, 2024 15:06 IST
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Image Source : GOOGLE Google Gemini AI assistant

Google's Gemini AI Assistant, which was initially released as a voice assistant for Android devices, is gearing up for an upgrade. Significant moves are being taken for the betterment of the platform, and to compete the Google Assistant. Despite of the advantages, Gemini has struggled to gain popularity among users due to its inability to perform on-device tasks. However, a recent report has suggested that Google is actively working on introducing several new features to enhance Gemini's capabilities.

Floating Window feature on Gemini AI

One notable addition to Gemini's arm is the floating window feature. At present, when the users interact with Gemini, it opens a separate screen to display information sourced from the internet. However, this will interrupt the user's experience as it will overlay the active app, which requires users to reverse navigate manually. 

With this update, Gemini will be expected to bring a floating window feature which will hover over the app, providing immediate access to information without disrupting the user's workflow.

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Image Source : GOOGLE GEMINIGoogle Gemini AI assistant

Live Prompts on Gemini AI 

Another expected feature on the platform is the Live Prompts, which aims at streamlining the users to interact with Gemini. It will enable the users to schedule automate and prompt tasks, which will be similar to the routines supported by Google Assistant. For example, users can set up prompts to receive weather updates at specific times, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

New files support

Gemini is set to receive expanded file support capabilities, which enables the users to upload and interact with PDF files and other documents. Although the functionality is in development (by the time of writing) and is not yet operational, it is expected to enable Gemini to provide answers and summaries to the questions which are based on the uploaded files. 

This is worth mentioning, it is certainly unclear if this feature will be available to all users or restricted to Google One AI Premium subscribers.

Real-time generation

Gemini will not be able to boast real-time generation capabilities, so it enables it to generate text in real-time line by line in response to user queries. This feature will also aim at reducing the wait timelines for the users with the help of instantaneous responses, which will improve the overall user experience further.

When will these features be incorporated?

Although, the above-mentioned features have not yet been added to Gemini- neither general users, nor beta testers, but their presence in the app's code has suggested that the tech giant is actively working on enhancing Gemini's capabilities. 

So far, users could expect a significant improvement, which is potentially transforming Gemini into a more formidable competitor to Google Assistant.

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