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eSIM: Everything you need to know- supporting smartphone, telecom plans and more

Many of us do not know how the eSIM works, so here we bring to you all that you must know about the technology and what devices do support the same.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam Noida Published on: August 22, 2022 14:55 IST
Image Source : FREEPIK eSIM

Many of us do not even know what ‘eSIM technology is all about. This is certainly because not all smartphones support this connectivity option, and secondly, it is an expensive technology to be added to any device- which directly involves creating a dedicated space on the motherboard of the smartphone. 

Apple Inc. is amongst those brands which offer this technology to their iPhones and other brands like Samsung and Motorola are also focusing on providing the eSIM technology to their premium segment smartphones. Also, Google further provides eSIM support as well.

  • But do you know what eSIM is and how it works? 
  • Which smartphone gets the support of the eSIM in India?
  • What will be the cost of the device which will use eSIM in India? 

This feature is all about answering your question related to this. So let us get started with the basics:

What is eSIM technology? 

The word eSIM stands for ‘embedded-SIM’ and certainly not ‘electronic SIM’. It is called embedded SIM because this technology is fixed to the motherboard of the smartphone. 

In today’s time, eSIM further supported smartwatches and drones and also helps in eliminating extra SIM card slot needs on any device which supports such technology.

Hence, the embedded or digital SIM will enable the users to activate any telecom plan (Jio, Airtel, Vi) without any use of a physical nano-SIM. 

Major telecom brands like Bharti Airtel, Jio, and Vi are among the telecom network providers in the country, offering eSIM support on smartphones in India for both iOS and Android users.

What are the devices which are compatible with the eSIM?

  • Apple iPhones is certainly one brand which supports eSIM- starting from the iPhone 6 and above. 

Next are the Samsung Galaxy devices and series S which include- 

  • Galaxy S20 series
  • Galaxy S21 series
  • Galaxy Z Fold smartphones
  • Galaxy Z Flip smartphones. 

Other smartphone brand includes Motorola Razr and Google Pixel 2 and a few more to name.

How do we activate the eSIM?
The process to enable a device with the eSIM is certainly simple. Every operator/ telecom service provider has its way of connecting the device with the eSIM. Telecom companies do not charge for an eSIM separately and the regular plans get forwarded on the same number too. 

Describe some eSIM plans available in India.
Airtel and Jio are two telecom network providers who support the eSIM on both prepaid and postpaid plans. Vi, on the other hand, offers only postpaid plans for eSIM users.

-Airtel: Users will have to send an SMS to eSIM registered email ID to the number ‘121’.
-Vi: Users will have to send an SMS to an eSIM registered email ID to ‘199’.
-Jio: The user will have to send an SMS to GETESIM at ‘199’.

Post the SMS, users will have to follow certain steps. Also, users who have applied for the eSIM will get a QR code on their registered email ID. Once the user will scan the QR code, they could check and update the email ID by downloading the carrier's respective app like: 

  • Airtel Thanks app
  • Vi app
  • MyJio app

How to scan for the eSIM on various mobile phones?

Here are the steps to scan various smartphones: 

Samsung smartphones: 

  • Go to "Settings" 
  • Select "Connections" 
  • Click on the "SIM Card Manager" 
  • Click on "Add Mobile Plan" 
  • Click on "Add Using QR Code.

Apple devices:

  • Go to "Settings" 
  • Select "Mobile Data" 
  • Click on "Add Data Plan"

Google Pixel Smartphone:

  • Click on "Settings" 
  • Select "Network & Internet" 
  • Click on "Mobile Network" 
  • Click on "Download a SIM instead" 
  • Click on "Next" 
  • Scan QR code received by email.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an eSIM?
eSIM provides similar connection quality- but the best part is, that it saves you from going to the store to get a new SIM card for your smartphone. 

But there are some disadvantages too- like if you need to switch your eSIM frequently then the user will have to do the entire activation process which is compulsory- as we do not have any hard sim to insert in the device. 


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