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Apple set to enter foldable device market with debut of foldable iPad: Report

Apple's foray into the foldable device market, starting with a foldable iPad, marks an exciting development in the tech world, with the company focused on ensuring cost-effective production and minimising risks.

Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: October 21, 2023 12:37 IST
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The tech giant, Apple seems poised to enter the foldable device market, a move it had previously avoided. Initial speculation revolved around the development of a foldable iPad rather than a foldable iPhone, primarily based on insights from prominent analysts. Recent reports, however, offer substantial evidence to support this idea. 

According to DigiTimes, Apple is actively preparing and coordinating with its suppliers to introduce its very first foldable iPad, with limited-scale production expected to commence by late 2024.

The company appears resolute in establishing its presence in the foldable device market, even though the design for this project has not yet been finalised. It is believed that Apple will initially test this technology on larger devices, such as the iPad, before eventually incorporating it into iPhones.

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Reportedly, Apple's main objective is to achieve cost-effective production by opting for a simpler design approach. Additionally, the choice to prioritise the iPad over the iPhone is influenced by the similarity between iPadOS and the iOS operating system used in iPhones.

Another reason behind this decision is the associated risks. Since the iPad contributes a smaller portion to Apple's overall revenue compared to the pivotal iPhone product, it serves as a safer starting point for the introduction of foldable technology.

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Meanwhile, Apple has released the Release Candidate (RC) versions of iOS 17.1 to both public testers and developers. iOS 17 is the latest operating system for iPhones, introducing features like Live Voicemail, Contact Posters, and the Journal app. Although the release has been successful, some iPhone 15 users initially experienced overheating issues, which were subsequently addressed through an iOS 17 update.


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