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New budget-friendly iPads from Apple expected to be revealed on October 17

The current iPad Air was introduced around three years ago, and was powered by Apple's robust M1 chip. The upcoming model is likely to feature the new M2 chip, which claims to deliver promising significant performance and efficiency improvements.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: October 15, 2023 19:24 IST
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Image Source : APPLE Apple to unveil affordable iPad lineup on October 17

Apple is reportedly preparing to unveil its latest line of iPads on October 17. According to information shared by 9to5Mac, this announcement is anticipated to primarily focus on updates to the iPad Air, iPad mini, and the base model iPad. It has been stated that the overall design may receive some cosmetic tweaks, the main enhancements are expected to be in terms of hardware and performance.

The current iPad Air introduced nearly three years ago, is powered by Apple's robust M1 chip. The upcoming iteration of this model is likely to feature the new M2 chip, promising significant performance and efficiency improvements.

The iPad mini, on the other hand, is set to see an upgrade from the A15 Bionic chip to the A16 Bionic chip. This subtle yet noteworthy enhancement aims to address the "jelly scrolling" issue that some users have experienced with the current iPad mini, providing a smoother and more responsive scrolling experience.

As for the base model iPad, which received an update just a year ago, it is also due for an upgrade. The tenth-generation iPad introduced a sleek design with thin bezels, new colour options, and a convenient Touch ID side button. While the specific chip for the upcoming 11th-gen model has not been officially confirmed, there is speculation that it may also feature the A16 chip, in line with the iPad mini's upgrade.

These updates are distinct from the iPad Pro lineup, which will remain unchanged for the time being. The iPad Pro lineup received its most recent update in October 2022, and the next-generation models are not expected until later in the upcoming year. 

Apple's decision to refresh its iPad lineup with a focus on more budget-friendly models aligns with the company's commitment to reaching a broader audience and making cutting-edge technology accessible to a wider range of consumers. 

This approach reflects Apple's dedication to providing a diverse range of products, ensuring that consumers with varying needs and budgets can find an Apple device that suits them.

The October 17 event is eagerly awaited by Apple enthusiasts, as it will shed more light on the specific features and enhancements of the new iPads. Apple's consistent focus on innovation and performance improvements is expected to be a driving force behind these forthcoming product updates, aiming to provide users with the best possible iPad experience.

As with previous Apple announcements, the event will likely be streamed online, allowing a global audience to tune in and discover the latest offerings from one of the world's most influential tech companies. 

The company's ability to consistently generate excitement around its product launches remains a testament to its reputation for quality, innovation, and consumer-focused design. 

Users and tech enthusiasts alike eagerly await the unveiling of these new iPads, and Apple's commitment to enhancing its product lineup ensures that this event will be a significant moment in the tech world.

Ultimately, the October 17 event is poised to reveal the future of Apple's iPad lineup, setting the stage for the latest innovations and enhancements in tablet technology. 

For Apple, this is an opportunity to showcase its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its users and delivering quality products that continue to set industry standards.

While much of the anticipation surrounds the potential upgrades and new features, the official event will provide a comprehensive look at how Apple plans to shape the future of tablet computing.

As the event unfolds, tech enthusiasts, analysts, and everyday consumers will be watching closely to see what Apple has in store for its iPad lineup and how these innovations will impact the world of personal and professional computing.

Apple's commitment to accessible, top-quality technology ensures that these upcoming iPad models will likely find their way into the hands of many eager users, further solidifying Apple's position as a leader in the global tech industry.

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