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Apple Music reaches 100 million songs on the platfrom

Apple Music has reportedly crossed more than 100 million songs on Apple’s streaming platform. Apple Music claims to own the best music collection on the platform and the platform stands tall ahead of Spotify and Amazon Music which reached around 90 million tracks recently.

Reported By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: October 06, 2022 19:09 IST
Apple Music
Image Source : APPLE Apple Music

Apple Music has announced to cross more than 100 million songs on the platform which are available through Apple’s streaming service. It was some time back when Spotify announced to cross similar benchmarks earlier, where the platform revealed crossed 82 million songs on the streaming service platform.

Apple Music informs that the platform adds over 20,000 new songs every day, and it is serving 167 countries and regions across the world.

100 million songs on a platform are huge, and some reports even state that a person will have to spend one or several lifetimes. Apple Music claims to have the ‘biggest collection of music ever’.

Rachel Newman, Apple Music’s Global Head of Editorial and Content, said in a statement: "Twenty-one years on from the invention of iTunes and the debut of the original iPod, we’ve gone from 1,000 songs in your pocket to 100,000x on Apple Music. It’s phenomenal growth by any metric. The entire history, present, and future of music is at your fingertips or voice command.”

She further added: “More music than you can listen to in a lifetime or several lifetimes. More music than any other platform. Simply the biggest collection of music, in any format, ever."

"One hundred million songs — it’s a number that will continue to grow and exponentially multiply. But it’s more than just a number, representing something much more significant — the tectonic shift in the business of music making and distribution over these past two decades," Newman concludes.

Apple Music stands ahead of Spotify and Amazon Music- two music streaming platforms which claim to have 90 million tracks on the platform.

When we look back to history, in the 1960s, there were only 5,000 new albums which use to get released every year. Today, through Apple Music, artists from anywhere in the world can write and record a song and release it globally through these platforms, according to Apple Inc.

Newman further stated: "Every day, over 20,000 singers and songwriters are delivering new songs to Apple Music — songs that make our catalog even better than it was the day before. One hundred million songs is evidence of a more democratic space, where anyone, even a new artist making music out of their bedroom, can have the next big hit.”


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