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Apple's 'Made in India' iPhone 15 to hit stores worldwide together

This strategy marks a significant improvement over previous releases, where there was a noticeable delay in availability for 'Made in India' iPhones.

Vishal Upadhyay Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Updated on: September 05, 2023 18:09 IST
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Image Source : FILE Indian market to get iPhone 15 right on schedule with global launch

In a significant move, Apple is gearing up to release its upcoming 'Made in India' iPhone 15 in India almost simultaneously with its worldwide launch, set for September 12, according to sources cited by the Economic Times. The report reveals that the company is using its Foxconn facility in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to bring the iPhone 15 to the Indian market around mid-September. 

For instance, the standard iPhone 14 models took around a month to become available in India after the global launch. This time, Apple is well-prepared and intends to serve the Indian market with locally manufactured iPhone 15 units before exporting them to other regions, including Europe and the US.

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Production of the iPhone 15 began in China back in June, with components simultaneously making their way to India. This move is expected to align India's release date more closely with the global launch, thanks to the high level of interest and support that Apple enjoys in the Indian market.

It's worth noting that India now accounts for 7% of the total global iPhone manufacturing, and this figure is expected to rise as other manufacturers like Pegatron and Winstron expand their operations in the country.

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With official Apple Stores recently opened in Mumbai and New Delhi, namely Apple BKC and Apple Saket, and strong commitment from Apple's top leadership, including CEO Tim Cook, India is becoming a crucial focus for the tech giant. Tim Cook himself has expressed optimism about India's potential, calling it a "huge opportunity" for the company, considering that India is the second-largest smartphone market globally.

Apple's increasing emphasis on India suggests that the country is right at the "tipping point" and holds a key role in the company's future growth and success.

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