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Apple and OpenAI are under negotiation to integrate ChatGPT

Apple has been in pursuit of agreements with OpenAI and is in conversation with Google. With the potential integration of ChatGPT and other AI features into iOS 18, Apple aims to offer users with enhanced functionalities and experiences.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: May 12, 2024 17:53 IST
Apple, openai
Image Source : FILE Apple and OpenAi

Apple, a leading tech player is reportedly exploring the integration of OpenAI's ChatGPT into its iPhones- following in the footsteps of rival smartphone manufacturers. As per the report of Bloomberg, the negotiations between OpenAI and Apple have been underway and will incorporate some of ChatGPT's features into its iOS 18.

OpenAI and Google- Ongoing Negotiations

The discussions between Apple and OpenAI are reportedly advancing, with both parties working towards finalizing the terms of the agreement. If successful, iPhone users could soon benefit from popular chatbot functionalities directly integrated into their devices. However, despite the progress in negotiations, the outcome remains uncertain, and there is no immediate announcement expected.

India Tv - Tim Cook

Image Source : FILETim cook

Apple's AI Integration Strategy

OpenAI and Apple are said to be engaged in talks with Google for licensing of its Gemini chatbot. Although, the discussions have been continuing, and by the time of writing- no agreement was made. 

Apple's efforts to incorporate artificial intelligence into its products have been anticipated to culminate in a series of announcements at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which has been scheduled for June.

Powerful computer chips and data centers

As part of its AI strategy, Apple is focused on leveraging the powerful computer chips in data centers which will help to support the AI programs effectively. These chips are said to serve as the backbone of AI operations, which enables the smooth execution of AI functionalities on the device.

This approach further highlights the commitment of the company towards delivering an advanced AI experience to the users.

Tim Cook's interest in OpenAI technology

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has personally expressed his interest in OpenAI's technology, specifically for the integration of ChatGPT. However, Cook acknowledges some unresolved issues that need to be addressed before implementation. 

Apple's AI capabilities

Tim Cook reiterated Apple's confidence in its AI capabilities and he further emphasized the unique strength of the company- which seamlessly integrates software, hardware and services which provides a competitive advantage in the AI landscape. 

Cook has further emphasized the commitment of Apple, to deliver innovative AI features on the devices which will enhance the users with the experience and drive growth.

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