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Expectations for 2022- Let’s know what the leaders have to say for the year ahead

We entered 2022 with a hope for a lot of things to change, but the biggest hope which we have is for the up-gradation of technology and smart living with the best consumer goods along with an upgraded health segment. We spoke to a number of players in the technology segment and got to know what they are expecting from the coming year.

Reported By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: December 15, 2022 17:01 IST
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Expectation from 2022


  • 2022 will be all about advancement in technology segment
  • AI, IoT and smart gadgets will ease the living
  • Some views from the industry players in technology segment and their thoughts for 2022

It is just the first day of 2022, and it seems like this year is going to be full of advancement and growth from the market and business point of view. Brands have been more enthusiastic for the year ahead and a number of startups under the technological segment have been planning a lot for the Indian market. Indeed, the plans for this year seem to be big, especially when we talk about AI, technology for consumer durable and health segment- the major highlighted segments which need to be given the focus on. 

Today, we have a number of entrepreneurs working towards making a difference, and standing tall in the situation where the market is facing tremendous challenges and hurdles. As we all know that a bumpy road makes the driver better, so are the challenges and shortcomings, which the business owners are witnessing over the period of time. Their main idea this year is to share a voice and enable people to understand how important is the advancement of technology and how much difference it can make if worked proficiently for the next 12 months.

Here we spoke to a few of the industry players from various segments to know what they have been expecting from the year ahead. 

Avinash Johri, Executive Director, CVTE Group (India & SAARC Region)

"Video communication has gained immense significance and adoption in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has given rise to an unprecedented demand for Audio-Visual devices and IT peripherals such as webcams, conference bars, headphones, speakerphones, Wi-Fi UPS routers, etc. which have helped people to transition to the ‘new normal’ by powering their day-to-day digital communication needs.”

“The year 2022 looks even more promising for the industry as the Indian video communication market is predicted to accelerate in the coming years. Global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are bringing in advanced & innovative solutions to cater to the growing demand and transform the future of communications whether in a physical or digital setup. With the corporate, education, healthcare, hospitality, and other sectors moving towards the hybrid forms of communications, we can look forward to further developments in the AV-IT industry. With hybrid working, specialized conference room setups with interactive panels, Audio-Video Conferencing Devices, lighting, and good quality internet speed will be required. Thereby, potentially replacing today's webcam and desk options to allow seamless collaboration between people in the office and those working remotely.  We expect all-in-one VC-ready products like interactive flat panels and other audio-visual equipment to function as a catalyst to drive this expansion even more in 2022."

Ritesh Goenka, Managing Director, Just Corseca 

"As the cases of COVID are again shooting up, it looks like the consumers’ needs and daily lifestyle will go through a sea change. But, as health continues to be the main focus for the consumers, the sales of wearable devices such as smartwatches will witness a major influx from online sales. Moreover, the huge millennial population is adopting smartwatches to monitor the long working hours of remote working. Besides millennials, even the older population will switch to smartwatches because of the health-monitoring features which will keep them updated about their health status in real-time. The smartwatch companies will increasingly make efforts for product innovations towards monitoring coronavirus infection rates via smart wearables." said Mr. Ritesh Goenka, Managing Director, Just Corseca."

Dr Angeli Misra, Director Lifeline laboratory stated

“Emerging healthcare trends for the near future are set to be largely driven by the Covid-19 pandemic. Virtual healthcare solutions for primary care of chronic medical conditions with telemedicine and teleconsultation, personalized service, doorstep testing, focus on accessible and affordable quality preventive healthcare and well-being, and pharmacy services at a click, have come to the fore in a big way. Improved technological innovations in the manufacturing of testing equipment, data analytic solutions, and process automation, up-gradation of skills of the workforce, extensive research and development, improved marketing techniques and employment of social media to spread the message, health insurance needs and a re-invention of national health policies, bearing in mind the urgent need for meeting the challenges of improving the emotional and mental well-being of people, which has suffered in the wake of social isolation and economic crisis in the lockdown scenario, are pressing and immediate concerns which are shaping the future trends for 2022.”

Vicky Jain , Founder  of uKnowva 

"In 2022, data needs to become foundational and a "first-class citizen" to help CIOs make data-driven decisions to realize business value. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the top technologies that will help CIOs achieve their goals and the top choice for investment if they have additional financial resources. Going forward, the top three things for CIOs to prioritize are strategy, data literacy, and AI.”

“In 2022, organizations will also aim for architecture simplification without the unpredictability of costs, services, and complex layers of tech at scale. One of the biggest data technology trends to watch in the upcoming year is harnessing enterprise data and assessing stakeholder expectations to understand where the business is at risk from climate change and where the business needs to act to become more sustainable. Further, companies must adopt and embrace AI, ML, and other advanced technologies in their HR operations. Such technologies are at the heart of capturing employee sentiment, talent analytics, network building and serendipity, continuous learning, and redeploying talent." 

Shrishti Bhandari, Executive Director, Mangalam Information Technologies

"2020-21 have unlocked the power of technology in boosting business outcomes, reinventing operational strategies, and maximizing customer experience. 2022 will see the strengthening of this trend wherein AI and cloud computing will revolutionize the way we work, live, and play. The wider adoption of 5G in 2022 will open a gamut of opportunities across industries, such as telehealthcare, e-learning, telecom, mobility, and many more. Being among the fastest-growing economies with the availability of a massive talent pool due to demographic dividends, India is well-poised to spearhead the IT revolution.”

Raj N., Founder & Chairman at Zaggle and ZikZuk

“In the last decade, the country has made tremendous progress in digital communication, cloud technologies, and internet coverage all around. Now as we recover from the pandemic, Indian Startups will leverage the emerging technologies to drive growth and customer satisfaction in 2022. There is a thriving investor ecosystem to support this growth in the country. From large VCs putting in tens of millions of dollars to small early-stage investment firms with smaller yet strategic ticket sizes, the Indian Startups are bound to get the support they need.”
He further added: “However, the key to unlocking that support is the innovative and targeted use of cutting-edge technologies. Platform solutions, SaaS products, and D2C tools will gain momentum. Irrespective of the sector a company operates in, the survival and growth of Startups are going to depend on how well and to what extent it uses technology. The millennial audience is ready for the Startup evolution and we will see a lot more digital engagement and even Startup IPOs in 2022.”

Rohit Sahni, CEO & C0 Founder of WK Life 

"The Year 2021 has been a year that has taught us to survive in adverse conditions and technology. It has taught us resilience, which Is crucial to sustaining the pandemic. It wouldn't be wise to suppose that the pandemic will have no effect on our life in 2022. However, now that the majority of humanity has accepted the "new normal" notion, the focus in 2022 will be on thriving rather than merely surviving in the new reality. We are expecting a lot of new innovations in the coming year, mainly in the AI, IoT, and smart wearables segments."



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