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List of popular Indian apps on Android, iOS you should go for to support '#VocalForLocal'

These are the popular Indian apps you can go for your Android and iPhone if you wish to be 'Atma Nirbhar' and would like to support the 'VocalForLocal' movement.

Vanshika Malhotra Vanshika Malhotra @vanshika1628
New Delhi Updated on: August 19, 2020 13:58 IST
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Popular Indian apps for Android, iOS

The anti-China sentiments have been making headlines for a while now with people in India going totally against the Chinese products and services. This has fueled by both the ongoing India-China tension and the self-reliance initiative in the country. While news of various Chinese apps being banned has been floating around, it has been clarified that this won’t happen, at least for now.

Nonetheless, trying to completely go free from Chinese apps, people are looking for alternatives to the various popular Chinese apps we all have been using for a while now. So, to ease things out, I have a list of popular Indian apps you may want to consider to support the ‘Vocal for Local’ view in India and possibly get rid of the dependency on Chinese apps or apps of any other origin for that matter. Read on to know more.

Popular Indians apps on Android, iOS

Roposo, Chingari

Ever since the TikTok controversy went viral in India, people began looking for TikTok alternatives and this is when Indian apps such as Roposo and Chingari grew to popularity. Both apps are meant for users to make and share short videos. The apps are available in multiple languages and eventually allows users to earn money by publishing their content on the app.

Availability: Android, iOS

Aarogya Setu

Another Indian app that is arguably the most popular one right now is the Coronavirus contact-tracing app Aarogya Setu. The app has been developed by the Government of India for users to know if they have come in contact with a COVID-19 infected person to remain safe from the virus. Users can also self-assess themselves and get tips and more from within the app to curb the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

Availability: Android, iOS, JioPhone

Say Namaste, UDo

The urge to use Indian apps also comes in after the now-popular Zoom had numerous security issues. This is when people wanted proxies for the same and an Indian app -- Say Namaste --  developed by Inscripts, came into being. The app has a simple UI to start video calls or join existing ones. The allows for up to 50 people on a single video call and supports feature such as screen sharing, media chat and messaging, and easy file-sharing. 

The UDO video-calling app is another Indian for video conferencing and webinars. The main highlight is that it lets you create a webinar with over 10,000 attendees with no extra costs. People can even create online seminars and earn money while at home.

Availability, Android, iOS

Chinese App Detector

Due to the India-China issues, people are looking to delete Chinese apps and go for other apps and this made the Remove China Apps Android app way too popular in a short duration. However, it was taken down from the Google Play Store due to violation of privacy policies. However, there is an Indian app -- Chinese App Detector -- to detect Chinese apps on your smartphone and delete them.

Availability: Android


Hike is quite a popular Indian messaging app, which was launched way back in 2012. The app allows you to send stickers (a main USP of the messaging platform), HikeMoji that is the app’s version of Bitmoji, and even works offline. With various exciting features such as quick replies and privacy, the app has recently introduced HikeLand for users to connect with people while watching movies and shows together, online.

Availability: Android, iOS


Ola is one of the most-popular Indian apps, which allows users to book cabs and go places. The app allows users to book cabs fo various categories such as Share, Bike, Mini, and more. It also has its Ola Money wallet for users to make payments for recharges and more other than just rides. There is also a postpaid Ola Money option for users to get services and pay later for the services.

Availability: Android, iOS


ShareChat is another Indian social media app for users to share videos, WhatsApp Statuses, ‘Shayaris,’ and more. The app also allows users to share general knowledge stuff and content related to various other genres in over 15 Indian languages. This way users can interact with new people and make new friends.

Availability: Android

Swiggy, Zomato

Another app type that is pretty popular in India is food delivery and the top two names anyone can think of are Swiggy and Zomato. The apps curate a plethora of food options from different restaurants and of different cuisines so that you can order from a single platform. The apps also provide users with various discounts and offer and deal in grocery delivery as well.

Availability: Android, iOS

JioSaavn, Wynk Music

Music-streaming apps are also quite famous, especially amongst youngsters and the perfect Indian apps for this are JioSaavn and Wync Music, While the former is by Jio, the latter comes from Airtel. The apps provide millions of songs options from various music genres. There are trending songs on the app as well so that users can stay updated with the music trends.

Availability: Android, iOS


If you need to keep up with everything that is happening around you, you should use the Indian news aggregator app NewsHunt. The app curates important news from various media houses and publications in a single place so that you don’t have to look for individual news pieces on different platforms.

Availability: Android, iOS


Paytm is one digital wallet in India that arguably the most-used one. The app, which gained traction in 2016 began to simply the give/take money process and basic recharges. However, it expanded its horizons to now support shopping, mutual funds, movie ticket booking, purchase of gold, and a lot more. The app also has UPI for you to conduct seamless transfers via UPI IDs.

Availability: Android, iOS


Online shopping has been quite prevalent but currently, it is the most needed one. Snapdeal ins an Indian e-commerce portal to shop from various categories such as clothing, essentials, and more. Snapdeal is available in both the website version and in the app form.

Availability: Android, iOS

We hope the aforementioned list helps you know of the various popular Indian apps. If you any suggestions to give, you can comment below and we will add it to our list. As a reminder, the aforementioned apps have been added to the list based on their popularity in the country.

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