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'Shreyas, Rahane have been match winners, need to support them': Shardul Thakur on players' dry run

Shreyas Iyer and Ajinkya Rahane have had a dry run in the red-ball format off late. Shardul Thakur has backed the two players saying that they have been match-winners for both Mumbai and India.

Edited By: Varun Malik @varunm0212 New Delhi Published on: March 11, 2024 0:16 IST
Shreyas Iyer and Ajinkya Rahane.
Image Source : GETTY Shreyas Iyer and Ajinkya Rahane.

Shreyas Iyer and Ajinkya Rahane have been match winners for India and Mumbai team, says Shardul Thakur as the duo is facing a lean run. Rahane is currently leading the Mumbai team in the final of the Ranji Trophy 2024 against Vidarbha where Iyer is also featuring as he has rejoined the team from the semifinals onwards.

Both the players are having a dry run with Rahane managing just 141 runs in eight matches, while Iyer has made 58 from three outings. In the first innings of the final, the two players made identical seven as the 41-time champions managed to score 224. Shardul has backed the two players stating that they have been match winners.

"Ajinkya is not scoring runs throughout the season. He is not in the greatest of the forms. We cannot blame him as it is just a phase for him where he is not getting runs,” Thakur told the media after the first day's play.

"It's just a rough patch for them. That's what I would say (about) Shreyas (and) Ajinkya. These guys have been absolute match-winners for Mumbai and India. Right now, it's not their time; it's time to support them rather than criticising them because it's easy to criticise," he added.

Thakur said that Rahane has shown the right attitude on the field, while Iyer is also a gun fielder. "Ajinkya has not scored runs but his attitude on the fielding is top-notch. A lot of youngsters coming from U-23 and U-19 cricket in Mumbai don't have the attitude that he has. You see him in the slips, even if he is fielded for 80 overs, he will sprint (to) save (those) four runs.

"Shreyas moves around the field like a tiger. He absolutely gives everything that he has on the field. Both of them are role models when they are in the dressing room," he said.

He called for the other batters to have shown a better approach. "The other batters we collectively felt that they should have shown a better approach.

Starting from Bhupen Lalwani because he survived the first two or three balls in that over (in which he was dismissed) and still chasing that wide one on the fourth delivery, is not on.

"They have to learn quickly because (the) Mumbai dressing room is not about (your) own self. When you play here, you play for the team.
You have to keep your individual scores, and your own game aside. When you score 20-25 or 30 runs, the next runs are for the team.
They have to learn about it," he added.


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