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Nita Ambani presents inaugural Reliance Foundation ESA Cup to Diego Schwartzman

The Boodles is an unique tennis exhibition event which this year is celebrating its 19th anniversary. It started on June 27 and will conclude on July 1.

India TV Sports Desk Written By: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: June 28, 2023 12:45 IST
Nita Ambani
Image Source : TWITTER Nita Ambani presented the inaugural ESA Cup to Diego Schwartzman

Mrs Nita Ambani, Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, today presented the inaugural Reliance Foundation ESA Cup to Diego Schwartzman at The Boodles Tennis event at Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire. The Boodles is a truly unique exhibition Tennis event that is one of the most lavish warm-ups for the Championships at Wimbledon. The event is also celebrating its 19th anniversary this year and started on June 27 while it will end on July 1.

Some world class tennis will be played with top Tennis stars featuring and is combined with fun English garden party atmosphere. The award of Reliance Foundation ESA Cup will be presented to a player on each of the five days of the event. On Tuesday (June 27), Nita Ambani made a donation to Action4Youth after presenting the ESA Cup to Diego Schwartzman.

Speaking on the occasion, Nita Ambani expressed her delight on witnessing some top class tennis with great atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. "It was an absolutely amazing atmosphere out here as we got to watch some great tennis and celebrate the importance of sports in bringing a community together. The opportunity of also serving charitable causes through a day of great sporting action makes this even more meaningful.

"I wish and encourage all the young people in this community to take up any sport of your choice and bring to yourself and to those around you the spirit of enthusiasm, conviction, positive attitude and resilience to life, the joy that we hope will also make this community an even more charming place to be in," she said.

The Education and Sports for All (ESA) is the initiative run by Reliance Foundation under the leadership of Nita Ambani. The initiative supports development and equal opporutnities in education and sports for all children. The Boodles Tennis Challenge is part of the same initiative and with it,  the ESA is spreading its wings outside India. Their latest program aims to touch the lives of children at Stoke Park and look to make sports accessible for everyone.


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