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India vs Sri Lanka, 1st Test, Day 2 Highlights: Shami, Umesh leave Sri Lanka reeling after India's 600

Upul Tharanga (64) and Angelo Mathews (54*) take Sri Lanka to 154/5 at stumps on Day 2 against India in the first Test in Galle. Mohammed Shami (2/30) and R Ashwin (1/49) picked up wickets for the visitors.

Reported by: Subhasish Dutta, Colombo [ Updated: July 27, 2017 17:34 IST ]
Image Source : GETTY IMAGES Umesh Yadav celebrates his wicket.

India finish Day 2 in firm control of the first Test in Galle against Sri Lanka. The visitors scored 201 runs earlier in the day with Hardik Pandya scoring a fifty to back up the good work of Shikhar Dhawan (190) and Cheteshwar Pujara (153). Umesh Yadav got the first breakthrough for India, pacer Mohammed Shami also struck twice with the new ball to set them back as Upul Tharanga played his shots at will. Tharanga got to his fifty but was run out in a bizarre manner. Niroshan Dickwella did not last long enough as Ravichandran Ashwin bowled a really good spell.

Angelo Mathews is once again doing what he can do best, fighting. He has scored a fifty but only has tail to follow with no Asela Gunaratne. They are still a long way behind in this Test. It is going to need something really special from them. India will be happy with their work. They will aim to continue the good work and set the game up for them. We look forward to your company for all the action on Day 3 at 1000 local time. Until then, it's goodbye and take care! (LIVE SCORECARD)


17.20 IST: 4 runs from the last over of the day. And that's stumps on Day 2.  SL 154/5 in 44 overs, trail by 446 runs.

Ravindra Jadeja to bowl the final over of the day.

17.13 IST: Good length outside off, punched off the back foot through point for a couple of runs. 150 up for Sri LankaSL 150/4 in 42.2 overs

17.05 IST: FOUR! Half-century for Angelo Mathews, 27th Test fifty. Short outside off, Mathews stays back and punches it through point for a boundary. He gets to his fifty, it has been hard work for them. SL 147/5 in 41 overs

Dilruwan Perera, right-handed bat, comes to the crease

17.01 IST: OUT! Ashwin removes Dickwella (8). What a superb catch! Ashwin bowls it around off, Dickwella looks to defend but gets an outside edge. Mukund at silly point reacts brilliantly to take a stunner with his right hand. That is an absolutely superb catch by the Indian opener. He alone has been responsible for the last two wickets. Sri Lanka still trail by 457 runs.  SL 143/5 in 39.2 overs

16.57 IST: FOUR! Back to back boundaries. Floats this one around off, Mathews goes for the reverse sweep. Hits it over the point region for a boundary. Attacking batting! SL 142/4 in 38 overs

16.56 IST: FOUR! Top shot from Angelo Mathews, he comes down the track and hits it over long on. SL 138/4 in 37.5 overs

16.53 IST: FOUR! Good shot! Dickwella makes room, sees the gap and plays the sweep shot through the backward square leg region for a boundary. SL 134/4 in 37 overs

Niroshan Dickwella comes to the crease

16.42 IST: OUT! Tharanga run out (Abhinav Mukund). Smart fielding, Mukund! Again Upul charges! Floated around middle and leg, Tharanga dances down the track and defends it towards Abhinav Mukund at silly point. Again the fielder is quick to throw it back to the keeper. Upul dives back to get back to his crease. Saha takes off the bails and appeals. SL 125/4 in 34 overs

16.41 IST: A run out appeal is referred upstairs against Tharanga. Looks close!

16.37 IST: FOUR! The boundary brings up the fifty-run stand between Mathews and Tharanga. SL 121/3 in 33 overs

16.32 IST: Shout for LBW! Floated outside off, Upul shuffles across and tries to defend. Misses it and gets rapped on the pads. The players appeal but the batsman was way across. SL 117/3 in 31 overs

16.22 IST: REVIEW! Indians are confident for an lbw appeal against Mathews and have gone for a review. Looks close.  NOT OUT! Mathews survives! Tossed up outside off, spinning in. Mathews tries to nudge it on the leg side. Fails to read it well and gets rapped on the pads.  SL 114/3 in 28 overs

16.20 IST: Just 2 runs from Jadeja's first over. SL 113/3 in 27 overs, trail by 487 runs.

Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack

Drinks! The pair of Mathews and Tharanga has steadied Sri Lanka after two quick wickets. There is more of work to be done though.

16.11 IST: SIX! Top edged! Shorter in length around middle, Mathew swivels a touch and just plays a short arm jab. The ball flies off the top edge and settles over the long leg fence. SL 109/3 in 25 overs

16.10 IST: FOUR! 100 comes up for Sri Lanka. Lovely hit! Full and outside off, Mathews stands tall and hits it on the up through covers for a boundary. SL 103/2 in 24.5 overs

16.02 IST: FOUR! Poor line from Umesh Yadav, short and wide outside off, Mathews stands tall and punches it through covers for a boundary. That was superbly hit. SL 95/3 in 22.4 overs

15.59 IST: FOUR! Sloppy work! A tad short outside off, Mathews punches it towards mid off. Umesh is late to bend down and goes through his legs for a boundary. Ashwin does not like that. SL 90/3 in 22 overs

15.56 IST: FOUR! Cracking shot from Angelo Mathews. Another short one from Shami, Mathews gets behind it and pummels it through mid-wicket for a boundary. That was hit with a lot of intent. SL 84/3 in 21 overs

15.36 IST: FOUR! Fifty for Tharanga off just 44 balls. This is his fastest fifty in Test cricket. Ashwin floats it outside off, Tharanga drives it through covers for a boundary. Mukund in the deep made a mess of it. This has been a very good knock from the southpaw. SL 72/3, trail by 528 runs 

15.33 IST: OUT! Shami takes his 2nd, removes Kusal Mendis for 0. Easy as you like! Good length outside off, Mendis looks to poke at this one. The ball goes off the outside edge and Shikhar Dhawan takes another good catch at first slip. Shami has taken two in two and Sri Lanka are in real trouble now. SL 68/3, trail IND (600) by 532 runs

15.28 IST: OUT! Shami removes Gunathilaka for 16. Very poor shot! Slants a good length ball outside off, Gunathilaka looks to flay it away but gets an outside edge. Shikhar Dhawan accepts the gift but one wonders if the batsman needs to play such shots. A poor shot indeed with your team trailing by 532 runs. SL 68/2, trail IND (600) by 532 runs 

15.24 IST: Shorter outside off, Tharanga shapes to cut but gets an edge past the first slip fielder for a boundary. Ashwin is bowling well. Maybe Kohli needs to attack a bit more?

15.20 IST: FOUR! Top shot! Full and outside off, Tharanga comes forward and creams it through covers for a boundary. He has got off to a flier. SL 63/1 in 12.2 overs

50-run stand between Upul Tharanga and Danushka Gunathilaka.

15.19 IST: FOUR! Shortish outside off, Tharanga goes hard at it. The ball takes the edge and flies between the keeper and first slip for a boundary to the third man. Neither Shikhar Dhawan nor the keeper went for it. SL 59/1 in 12.1 overs

15.10 IST: FOUR! Hit away! Drops it short again wide outside off, Tharanga cuts it behind point for a boundary. SL 48/1 in 10 overs

The players are back on the field. Ashwin will start the proceedings for India. 

14.41 IST: Sri Lanka 38/1 at Tea vs India (600). Tharanga 24*, Gunathilaka 12*, Umesh 1/19 

14.39 IST: FOUR! Around a shortish delivery outside off, Upul Tharanga slashes hard at it. Flashes it over the slip cordon for a boundary.

14.36 IST: FOUR! Best of the lot! Fuller delivery outside off, Upul Tharanga leans into the drive and plays it crisply through the extra cover region for a boundary. SL 32/1 in 6 overs

14.35 IST: FOUR! Good length delivery outside off, Tharanga presses forward and punches it through the cover region for a boundary.

14.34 IST: FOUR! Top shot! Back of a length delivery outside off, Upul Tharanga stands tall, hops a bit and crashes it over the backward point region for a boundary.

14.32 IST: FOUR! Good shot! Change of angle and pays the price! Good length delivery around off, Gunathilaka stands tall and plays a punch through the cover region for a boundary. SL 20/1 in 5 overs

14.27 IST: FOUR! Good length delivery around off, nipping away. Danushka stands tall and punches it through the cover region for a boundary.

14.27 IST: Decent over from Umesh. He concedes just two runs. SL10/1 in 4 overs

14.23 IST: End of a tidy over from Shami. He gives away just a single run. SL 8/1 in 3 overs

1 4.17 IST: OUT! Umesh removes Karunaratne (LBW) for 2. Umesh, you beauty! Fires a fuller delivery around middle, nips back in after pitching. Karunaratne tries to clip it on the leg side but gets beaten for pace. Misses it completely and the ball sneaks through and thudds into the pads. The players appeal and the umpire is quick to raise his finger. Upul Tharanga convinces him to opt for the review. Replays show that there was no bat involved. Ball Tracker shows that it was pitched in line, impact was in line and it was clearly hitting the stumps. No doubt at all and the opener has to walk back to the hut. Umesh Yadav has struck early. Sri Lanka have also wasted a review. SL 7/1 in 2 overs. Debutant Danushka Gunathilaka comes out to bat at number three.

14.13 IST: FOUR! Tharanga welcomes Umesh with a boundary off the first ball. 

14.11 IST: Good over from Shami. Just a couple off it. SL 2/0 in 1 over. Umesh Yadav to share the new ball with Shami.

14.06 IST: Welcome back for Sri Lanka's innings. Karunaratne and Tharanga will open for the hosts, while Mohammed Shami will start the proceedings for India.

14.04 IST: Sri Lanka will know that they could have done a lot better had they taken their chances. Dhawan was dropped on 31 and how badly he made them pay. All the bowlers got a hammering as they never bowled good enough to take wickets at regular intervals. However they were much better today. Nuwan Pradeep was the best bowler for them taking 6/132. They have a huge task on their hand. The pitch is starting to deteriorate and the tourists will bank on it to make early inroads. Join us in a while for their first innings.

14.02 IST: A magnificent effort by India after winning the toss and electing to bat. Abhinav Mukund departed early and it seems like it happened ages ago. The pair of Shikhar Dhawan and Cheteshwar Pujara set up the platform with a brisk 253-run stand. Both of them got out after scoring 150-plus but India had the momentum all the while. The lower order chipped in with useful runs and Hardik Pandya scored a fifty on his Test debut to get India 600!

13.58 IST: OUT! Lahiru Kumara gets his third! Short delivery from round the wicket, Pandya goes for the big shot. Mistimes his pull and the ball balloons in the square leg region. Dhananjaya de Silva, the substitute fielder, settles under it and takes a well judged catch. Sri Lanka have gone the final wicket and INDIA FINISH ON 600!

13.53 IST: FOUR! Umesh Yadav brings up India's 600 with a boundary off Herath. Floats this one around off, Umesh gets to the pitch of the ball and smashes that over the bowler's head for a boundary. IND 600/9 in 133 overs

13.51 IST: Fifty on debut for Hardik Pandya. Magnificent innings from the all-rounder. IND 596/9 in 132.1 overs 

13.49 IST: SIX! The Number 11 gets into the act! Yes, Umesh Yadav smashes Lahiru Kumara for a six straight down the ground. IND 595/9 in 132 overs

13.48 IST: FOUR! Pandya is continuing his assault. This time he hits Lahiru Kumara for a boundary to long-off. 

13.45 IST: FOUR! Hardik Pandya hits Herath to sweeper cover for a boundary. Herath tossed it up around off, Pandya opts for the aerial route this time. Gets it over the extra cover region for a boundary. IND 583/9 in 131 overs

13.39 IST: OUT! Lahiru Kumara removes Shami for 30. Finally the short ball ploy works! Shorter in length around off, Shami looks to go over the leg side with his pull. He miscues it to Upul Tharanga who takes it safely near the ropes at deep mid-wicket. End of a promising stand for India. IND 579/9 in 129.5 overs. Umesh Yadav comes out to bat. 

13.32 IST: SIX! Herath tossed it up around the stumps, Shami comes down the tonks it over the long off fence for a maximum. IND 578/8 in 129 overs

13.31 IST: Rangana Herath is back, replacing Lahiru Kumara. He desperately wants to break this partnership.

13.28 IST: SIX! On the pads and Pandya just sent it over square leg for a maximum. This also brings up the 50-run stand between him and Shami. Angled on the stumps, Pandya gets across and just whips it over backward square leg for a maximum. That was hit with pure disdain and a lot of swag. IND 572/8 in 128 overs

13.25 IST: Lahiru Kumara concedes 4 runs off the over. IND 562/8 in 127 overs

13.20 IST: Decent over from Pradeep... just three off it. IND 558/8 in 126 overs

13.14 IST: SIX! India past 550-run mark now. This time it is Shami! He hits Herath straight over long-on for a massive six. They are playing limited-overs cricket here. Enjoying stuff. IND 555/8 in 125 overs

13.11 IST: SIX! Pandya isn't happy with the first one. He sends the last ball of Pradeep's over for a maximum to deep backward square leg. IND 546/8 in 124 overs

13.08 IST: SIX! Into the stands! Shorter in length around off, Pandya was waiting for it and gets it over backward square leg for a biggie. This is India's highest-ever first innings score in Sri Lanka.

13.04 IST: SIX! Shami shows that he can bat too! Smashes Herath over long-on for the first maximum of the Indian innings. Herath bowls it around off, Shami gets under it and just swings it over long on for a maximum. What a hit! IND 532/8 in 123 overs

13.03 IST: FOUR! That's more like Pandya! The all-rounder pulls Pradeep through mid-wicket for a boundary. Shorter in length, this time Pandya just stands tall and pumps it through mid-wicket for a boundary. IND 524/8 in 122 overs

12.59 IST: OUT! Pradeep takes his sixth wicket, cleans up Jadeja for 15. Yorker on off and middle, Jadeja looks to clip it through but misses the ball. It clatters into the stumps and that is it for Jadeja. He has been worked over brilliantly here. Best figures in First Class cricket for him. Brilliant, just brilliant by Pradeep. IND 517/8 in 121.2 overs. Mohammed Shami comes out to bat

12.56 IST: Good over from Herath! He gives away just a couple of runs. IND 517/7 in 121 overs

12.52 IST: FOUR! Top edged! Shorter in length, Pandya goes for the pull. He gets a top edge which flies over the keeper for a boundary. That wasn't far from the boundary ropes and was almost a six. Morale victory for the bowler. IND 515/7 in 120 overs

12.47 IST: Edged and Dropped! Hardik Pandya has been put down at 4. How costly will this be? Herath floats it outside off, Pandya pushes at it from his crease. The ball takes the outside edge and flies quickly to first slip. Dimuth Karunaratne reacts a touch late and ends up spilling it. That should have been gobbled. Pandya was walking but spotted that he has got a life. Herath won't be happy. IND 509/7 in 119 overs

12.43 IST: FOUR! Brilliant shot! Good length outside off, Jadeja punches it nicely off the back foot and gets a boundary to covers. Expect nothing else from these two. IND 508/7 in 118 overs

12.40 IST: We are back with the second session. The players are out in the middle for play. Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja are out to bat. Sri Lanka start the session with Nuwan Pradeep. Should be interesting to see how India bat in this session. A slip in place for him along with a leg slip.

12.07 IST: 104 runs, 4 wickets - Session goes to Sri Lanka! The hosts will be delighted with their work today. Nuwan Pradeep led the way once again taking two important wickets. Both Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane could not do much but R Ashwin chipped in with a fine 47 to drive his side ahead. Rangana Herath and Dilruwan Perera took a wicket each to keep India in check. The tourists though will be happy with the score they have, they will look to get over 600 and then see from there. Sri Lanka will want to keep taking wickets. Join us in a while for the second session.

12.05 IST: End of Herath's over and that will be lunch. India 503/7 at Lunch. Jadeja 8*, Pandya 4*, Pujara 153, Nuwan Pradeep 5/33 

12.00 IST: FOUR! Shortish outside off, Jadeja stays deep in his crease and punches it through the cover region for a boundary.

11.54 IST: OUT! Pradeep takes his fifth wicket. Ashwin out for 47. IND 495/7 in 115.1 overs. This Nuwan Pradeep's first five-wicket haul in Test cricket. Comes around the wicket and bowls a short delivery down the leg side. Ashwin goes for the pull, ends up gloving it and the ball flies through to the keeper. Dickwella accepts it gleefully and the Indian offie has to start walking just three runs short of the fifty. A good innings comes to an end. Ravindra Jadeja comes out to bat.

11.50 IST: FOUR! First runs in Test cricket for Pandya! Hardik is done watching, steps out to the floated delivery around off and smacks that through the mid on region for a boundary. IND 495/6 in 115 overs

11.48 IST: OUT! Herath removes Saha for 16. IND 491/6 in 114.1 overs. Ashwin 47* Herath strikes and gets his first of the night! Tossed up around leg, Saha gets a bit forward and tries to go downtown. Hits it straight to the fielder at mid on. Dilruwan Perera pouches a safe catch and Wriddhiman has to walk back to the hut. Hardik Pandya comes out to bat in his debut Test.

11.47 IST: Rangana Herath brings himself into the attack!

11.45 IST: Fuller around leg, Ashwin flicks it towards the fielder at leg gully. Kusal Mendis the fielder there collects it quickly and has a shy at the striker's end. He misses but had he hit, Ashwin would have been gone. The batsmen run a couple on overthrows. IND 491/5 in 114 overs

11.44 IST: Nuwan Pradeep is back into the attack!

11.43 IST: FOUR! Powerful! Floated around off, Saha kneels and sweeps it through the square leg region for a boundary. IND 488/5 in 113 overs

11.40 IST: Ashwin brings up the 50-run stand between him and Saha with a single off Perera. 

11.38 IST: Good over from Lahiru Kumara... he gives away a single. IND 481/5 in 112 overs

11.33 IST: Decent over from Dilruwan Perera. Just three runs off it. IND 480/5 in 111 overs

11.27 IST: FOUR! Lahiru Kumara dugs in short outside off, Saha stays tall and tries to fend it away. Gets an outside edge to it over the slip fielder's head for a boundary. IND 477/5 in 110 overs

11.24 IST: FOUR! Ashwin hits Perera to sweeper cover fence for a boundary. Again tossed up outside off, Ashwin fancies his elegant drive through covers for a boundary. IND 471/5 in 109 overs

11.20 IST: A maiden over from Lahiru Kumara. IND 463/5 in 108 overs

11.15 IST: FOUR! Ashwin hits Perera to deep backward point for a boundary! Short and wide outside off, Ashwin fancies his cut, gets it past the backward point region for a boundary. IND 463/5 in 107 overs

11.13 IST: Rangana Herath pulls himself out of the attack. Dilruwan Perera is back!

11.11 IST: FOUR! Ashwin plays it square of the wicket for a boundary off Lahiru Kumara. Fuller outside off, Ashwin leans into the drive and creams it through the point region. The backward point fielder gives it a chase but the ball wins the race to the fence. IND 459/5 in 106 overs

11.07 IST: A decent session of play for the home side, they have conceded 52 runs but have also taken a couple of wickets to boost their confidence. India will want to bat on and on and on.

11.02 IST: FOUR! This time through the covers. Ashwin has made it look so easy. Herath bowls it outside off, Ashwin strides forward and drives it through covers yet again for a boundary. He is really batting well. IND 451/5 in 105 overs. It's time for a drinks break!

11.01 IST: FOUR! Ashwin welcome Herath with a boundary to long off. Herath floated it around off, Ashwin pressed forward and drove it beautifully through covers for a boundary.

10.58 IST: FOUR! Saha plays it on the front foot and drives Lahiru Kumara to long on for a boundary. IND 441/5 in 104 overs

10.54 IST: FOUR! Ashwin using his feet to hit Herath to long on for a boundary. Herath floated it around the stumps, Ashwin came down and clipped it through mid-wicket for a boundary. That was nicely hit. IND 436/5 in 103 overs

10.52 IST: Great over from Lahiru Kumara. A wicket-maiden! IND 432/5 in 102 overs

10.47 IST: OUT! Edged and Taken! Lahiru Kumara removes Rahane for 57. The change of bowling works! Kumara bowls it full and outside off, Rahane looks to drive it through but gets an outside edge. Dimuth Karunaratne takes a good catch to his right. That is a very good start to the day for Lahiru. Rahane will feel he threw away his wicket there. IND 432/5 in 101.1 overs. Ashwin 6*. Wriddiman Saha comes out to bat

10.46 IST: Bowling change from Sri Lanka! Lahiru Kumara replaces Nuwan Pradeep.

10.45 IST: Another great over from Herath. Just a single off it. IND 432/4 in 101 overs

10.40 IST: FOUR! What a shot from Ashwin! Plays on the up through covers and with perfect timing. Length ball outside off from Pradeep and Ashwin punches it on the up through covers for a majestic boundary. IND 431/4 in 100 overs

10.38 IST: Good over from Herath. Just a single off it. IND 424/4 in 99 overs

10.34 IST: EDGED! Back of a length around middle, Ashwin hangs his bat at it. The ball goes off the edge but falls short of the fielder at gully. Pradeep has bowled his heart out here.

10.33 IST: OUT! Pradeep removes Pujara for 153. IND 423/4 in 97.4 overs. Rahane 54*. Surprising move from India as R Ashwin comes out to bat at No.5. Pradeep takes another one! Nuwan bowls one in the area, just outside off, Pujara has to play at it, the ball straightens after pitching. The ball goes off the outside edge and Dickwella accepts the catch. Commentator's curse maybe. End of a brilliant, brilliant knock by Cheteshwar Pujara though. He gets a rousing reception from his teammates. Sri Lanka owe the success to Pradeep.

10.27 IST: FOUR! Hammered! Tossed up around off, Rahane slinks down the wicket and clobbers it through mid on for a boundary. He has played well so far and will want to convert this fifty. Maiden one against Sri Lanka, to go along with a century. Rahane brings up his 12th Test fifty! IND 421/3 in 97 overs

10.22 IST: FOUR! Pujara hits Pradeep to fine leg for a boundary and also completes his 150. Great knock from Che! Pradeep goes wide of the crease, angles it around the stumps, Pujara tucks it nicely to the fine leg fence for a boundary. This is Pujara's 6th score of over 150 in Tests!

10.20 IST: Another good over from Herath... just a couple of runs. IND 411/3 in 95 overs

10.16 IST: FOUR! Rahane hits Pradeep for a boundary to sweeper cover. Pradeep bowls a length ball outside off, expecting Rahane to have his weight back. Ajinkya though is up for it and drives it on the rise through covers for a boundary. Good stuff! IND 409/3 in 94 overs

10.13 IST: Good over from the Sri Lanka captain. Herath finishes with a maiden. IND 404/3 in 93 overs

10.11 IST: Sri Lanka have gone upstairs to take a review for caught behind against Cheteshwar Pujara. They reckoned that there was an edge. However, the third umpire finds no edge on ultra edge and rules it Not Out. Herath floated it around off, spins a touch, Pujara plays inside the line of the ball and is beaten all ends up. The keeper collects the ball and appeals. The umpire says no though. Sri Lanka go for the review. Ultra Edge detects nothing and that is not out. There was visible turn on offer and that excited the players. India won't mind that actually. They would rather enjoy watching the ball turn.

10.10 IST: Just an over then for Dilruwan, Rangana Herath brings himself on for a bowl.

10.08 IST: Pradeep ends with a maiden over. IND 404/3 in 92 overs

10.05 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to run in from the other end. Two slips and a gully in place.

10.04 IST: Good first over for India. Dilruwan Perera concedes 5 runs. IND 404/3 in 91 overs

10.01 IST: A single to begin with! Tossed up around off, Rahane lunges and turns it through mid-wicket for a single. 400 up for India

10.00 IST: The players are out in the middle. Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane stride out to continue batting. Sri Lanka will want an early wicket, Diluwan Perera to start the day for them. A slip in place. Here we go...

9.55 IST: Pitch report: Russel Arnold reckons that there are rough areas developing but the pitch will still be good to bat on. He adds that bowlers need to be fuller and making the batsmen feel uncomfortable. He ends by saying that spinners will get more purchase as the day progresses, as obvious as sun rising in the east.

9.45 IST: The visitors, on the other hand, will be more than happy with the platform they have set. They will aim to build on this and post a massive total on the board. Batting is expected to get tougher so every run scored in the first innings will be of utmost important. Let's see how both teams fare today. Stay tuned for all the action.

9.30 IST: India have made a strong start to this game and the hosts will know that they have their task cut out. Having conceded a lot of runs already, they will be hoping for some damage control. The best way to do that is by taking wickets at regular intervals. A lot rides on Herath, for the umpteenth time in his career.

Brief Day 1 Report: Opener Shikhar Dhawan slammed a career-best 190-run knock as India pummelled a hapless Sri Lankan bowling attack to post a commanding 399/3 on the opening day of the first cricket Test. Brought into the squad only after first-choice opener Murali Vijay was ruled out due to injured, Dhawan made full use of the opportunity and played an entertaining 168-ball innings to anchor the Indian innings. 

Dhawan's blitzkrieg, combined with Cheteshwar Pujara's patient 144 unbeaten off 247 balls, powered India to their highest total on day one of an away Test and also the best by a visiting team in Sri Lanka, bettering the West Indies. 

Dhawan also shared a 253-run second-wicket stand with Pujara. 

It was a case of two contrasting hundreds but both served India's purpose quite well against a home team, which was down to 10 men after middle-order batsman Asela Gunaratne was ruled out of the series with a fractured left thumb. Gunaratne was injured while fielding at second slip, trying to grab a catch of Dhawan. 


The visiting batsmen were in marauding form and amassed the highest number of runs on the opening day of a Test by a visiting team in Sri Lanka. 

India improved on their previous record of most runs scored on the opening day of an overseas Test, which stood at 375/9 versus New Zealand in Wellington. (Read Full Report)

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