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Solar eclipse turns rarest 'destination wedding' for couples in US, many decide at last moment I VIDEO

At least two weddings and one marriage proposal were known to have taken place among roughly 2,000 people who assembled at Niagara Falls State Park despite overcast skies.

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Couple marry during solar eclipse in US
Image Source : AP Couple marry during solar eclipse in US

Ohio: More than 20 couples were married during a total solar eclipse at a park in the United States's Trenton, Ohio. Trenton mayor Ryan Perry presided over the brief ceremony that took place minutes before totality. More than a hundred people came to the park to witness the ceremony and watch the total solar eclipse.

For Samantha Palmer, who recently moved to Trenton, Ohio, from Detroit with her now husband, Gerald Lester, getting married during the total solar eclipse was a welcome last-minute decision. She and her husband aren’t big planners and getting married during this event removed the stress of planning.

VIDEO: Couples marry during total solar eclipse

"We aren’t big planners, so when it came down to it about Friday morning we were like there’s a giant wedding going on, do we wanna do this? And yeah, that was about as much forethought as was put into it. I got the dress yesterday," said Samantha.

For Robert Skolik and his wife Rachel Wells, of Springdale, Ohio, getting married during the eclipse felt like a private ceremony just for them, even though they were with others. Totality lasted around three minutes and couples danced as the sky turned dark. "(Robert) It felt like we were the only ones here for that little moment of time, even though we were surrounded by a community it felt like it was just us. So it felt very private," the newly wedded bride said.

A couple who got married during solar eclipse  - India Tv
A couple who got married during solar eclipse

Total solar eclipse in US  

Total solar eclipses happen somewhere around the world every 11 to 18 months, but they don’t often cross paths with millions of people. The US last got a taste in 2017, and won’t again see a coast-to-coast spectacle until 2045. It was the continent’s biggest eclipse audience ever, with a couple hundred million people living in or near the shadow’s path, plus scores of out-of-towners flocking in to see it. With the next coast-to-coast eclipse 21 years out, the pressure was on to catch this one.

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