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Elon Musk calls Indian-American lawmaker, running for US President, 'very promising candidate'; Know who is he

Elon Musk called the Indian-American lawmaker Vivek Ramaswamy a "very promising candidate" for the US Presidential polls.

Edited By: Ashesh Mallick Washington Published on: August 18, 2023 10:06 IST
Elon Musk and Vivek Ramaswamy
Image Source : AP Elon Musk and Vivek Ramaswamy

Musk praises Ramaswamy: Elon Musk on Thursday (local time) described Indian-American lawmaker Vivek Ramaswamy, who is running for the US presidential polls against Donald Trump, as a “very promising candidate”.

“He is a very promising candidate,” Elon Musk said on X (formerly known as Twitter) quoting Ramaswamy’s interview with journalist Tucker Carlson.

Ramaswamy has made his agenda clear for the poll campaign in which he has dubbed China as the “biggest threat” that the US faces and vowed to go for “total de-coupling” with Beijing if he is voted to power.

The Republican leader has also noted that he intends to re-enter the trade in the Pacific and trade relationships with countries including India, Japan, and South Korea.

“Xi Jinping is the dictator and China is the top threat that the United States faces. I think I am the clearest candidate in declaring a clear path in declaring economic independence from China. That would be the first step in our policy,” Ramaswamy said in a television interview.

“I would go for total de-coupling. I would ban most US companies from doing business with China, unless and until the CCP reforms its behaviour…I think there would be short-term consequences, but I think we can make sacrifices if we know what we are sacrificing for. I also think that when you are most willing to make a sacrifice, you actually do not have to make one at all,” he added.

He is the third Indian-American — along with Nikki Haley and Hirsh Vardhan Singh — who will be up against former President Donald Trump in the primaries in January next year.

Who is Ramaswamy?

Vivek Ramaswamy, a biotech entrepreneur and US right-wing media favorite, has announced his bid to run for US President in 2024.

In his campaign announcement video, he stated his belief in the existence of the ideals that united Americans 250 years ago and his intention to revive them if elected.

Born to Indian parents in Ohio, Ramaswamy attended Harvard University, where he studied molecular biology and later obtained a law degree from Yale Law School. He is a serial entrepreneur and founded Roivant Sciences in 2014, a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on developing and commercializing innovative therapies. The company is worth over $6.3 billion today and applies new technological advances to drug research.

Apart from Roivant, Ramaswamy is also a co-founder at Strive Asset Management, which is backed by venture capitalists like Peter Thiel, Bill Ackerman, and JD Vance.

Ramaswamy plans to "bring merit back" and reduce dependence on China. He believes that China is the "greatest external threat to America" and wants to revitalize the American spirit and national identity. Ramaswamy aims to reintroduce a culture of merit into society and promote free speech, self-governance, and meritocracy if elected.

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