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Army officer abducted from home in Manipur in fourth such incident since May 2023: Reports

The reported abduction comes amid escalating security concerns in Manipur, where incidents of violence and unrest have been on the rise since May 2023.

Nitin Kumar Edited By: Nitin Kumar @Niitz1 Imphal Updated on: March 08, 2024 22:41 IST
Image Source : PTI/FILE PHOTO Imphal: Security personnel fire tear gas shells as students protest against the "killing" of two missing students by unknown miscreants and demand peace in Manipur.

Reports have emerged indicating that an army officer was abducted from their residence in Manipur, marking the fourth such incident since the violence in May 2023. According to sources familiar with the matter, the abduction adds to a series of security concerns plaguing the region. An alarming trend of targeted abductions continues in Manipur as a serving Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) of the Indian Army, Konsam Kheda Singh, was reportedly kidnapped from his home in Manipur's Thoubal district on Friday morning. This incident marks the fourth such abduction since the onset of ethnic violence in May 2023.

According to officials, Singh, a resident of Charangpat Mamang Leikai, was abducted while on leave when unidentified individuals forcibly entered his home at 9 am and transported him away in a vehicle.

While the motive behind the abduction remains unclear, initial reports suggest extortion as a potential cause, given past threats received by Singh's family.

In response to the incident, security agencies have launched a coordinated search operation to locate and rescue the abducted officer. Authorities are meticulously inspecting vehicles on National Highway 102 in Manipur as part of their efforts.

This abduction adds to a series of targeted attacks on soldiers and their relatives in Manipur, illustrating the volatile security situation in the region since the outbreak of ethnic conflict. Previous incidents include the kidnapping and subsequent killing of former Assam Regiment soldier Serto Thangthang Kom in September 2023 and the abduction and murder of four individuals, relatives of an Indian Army soldier, two months later.

In a separate incident, an Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) from Manipur Police was assaulted in his home by members of a radical Meitei group, highlighting the multifaceted security challenges faced by authorities in the state.

The escalating ethnic clashes in Manipur have resulted in the loss of at least 219 lives since May 2023, following protests against the Meitei community's demand for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status. The conflict underscores deep-seated tensions among Manipur's diverse ethnic groups, including the Meiteis, Nagas, and Kukis, highlighting the urgent need for effective conflict resolution measures.

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