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Himanta Biswa Sarma mocks Rahul Gandhi's 'coal on the stove' remark | WATCH

Himanta Biswa Sarma said Rahul Gandhi will be arrested after the Lok Sabha elections. The Assam police filed a case against Gandhi and several other Congress leaders for allegedly provoking supporters to break barricades to enter Guwahati city, deviating from the approved route during the Yatra.

Edited By: Raju Kumar @rajudelhi123 Guwahati Updated on: January 25, 2024 15:53 IST
Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma
Image Source : PTI/FILE Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, who has been unleashing attacks on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi since his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra commenced, continued to target former grand old party president on Thursday. In a post on X, Sarma mocked Gandhi's 'Coal on the stove remark'.  

"Coal on the stove??? We were just getting over the idea of ​​you making gold from potatoes when you put coal in the stove and left us confused. Are you in your senses?" the Assam CM's post with Gandhi's clip on X read.

Himanta attacks Rahul on 'Gamocha' comment

Earlier, Sarma on Wednesday attacked Gandhi for certain comments made during Congress' yatra, including one related to the 'Gamocha', (scarf or hand towel), a symbol of the culture and identity of the state.

In a series of tweets, Sarma shared video clippings of Gandhi's speeches at public rallies and made his own comments on the respective issue.

''Rahul Baba, Assam's Gamocha is just not for wiping the body. It is a symbol of Assam's self-respect. There are many types of Gamocha.
In Assam's most important festival Bihu, it is offered as a Bihuan as a respect and also for honouring guests. It covers the seat where idols are placed and also worn during other festivals and other ceremonies'', Sarma posted on 'X' in Hindi.

Showing the 'Gamocha' wrapped around his neck, Gandhi alleged that the ruling dispensation is insulting the pride of the state.

The Congress MP said that a 'Gamocha' literally means a towel with 'Ga' meaning body and 'Mocha' meaning to wipe.

"The BJP-RSS wants to wipe out the language, culture and history of Assam...We have come here to wipe the injustices of BJP from Assam," he added.

Sarma said, ''Who teaches you this nonsense or do you deliberately say anything you wish to?'' In another post, Sarma also referred to Gandhi's comment about putting coal to light a stove for making tea.

The BJP leader further ridiculed Gandhi in a post saying that Rahul has ''set a new standard for being a 'Darpok' (coward)''

'Darpok' remark by Assam CM

''Interesting. After instigating Congress workers to orchestrate violence, Rahul Gandhi (who is on a Bus Yatra) quietly came out of his fancy bus and fled the city in a small car to Hajo, his next destination. Rahul has set a new standard for being a Darpok. Ha ha''.

In another post, he posted two photographs of the Yatra with Gandhi inside a bus, captioned as 'Hindu majority area (inside the vehicle)' while the other was captioned 'Muslim Majority area (atop the vehicle)'.

''This sums up the Bharat Bus Yatra. I am very happy about only one thing, Mother and sisters in Muslim majority areas did not join this Yatra'', he said.

BJP to win all seats covered by Rahul during Yatra in Assam: Himanta

Sarma claimed that the BJP will win all constituencies covered by Gandhi during his yatra in Assam.

He also alleged that the holding of the yatra in Assam during the Ram Mandir consecration ceremony was a political conspiracy to create communal tension.

"The BJP will win wherever he campaigns. The BJP needs him for that reason," Sarma said in an interaction with the media here.

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