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What is avalanching in relationships? Everything you need to know about this risky dating trend

In the ever-evolving world of dating, a new trend has emerged, and it's not exactly a recipe for happily ever after. This trend is called "avalanching," and it describes a behaviour pattern that can lead to disappointment and wasted time.

Written By: Rahul Pratyush @29_pratyush New Delhi Published on: May 20, 2024 11:25 IST
avalanching in relationships
Image Source : GETTY What is avalanching in relationships? Everything you need to know about this risky dating trend

In the age of dating apps, finding ‘the one’ can feel like navigating a virtual mountain. But what happens when the pressure to avoid singledom leads to risky behaviour? Enter "avalanching," a concerning trend where people throw out their usual dating preferences in a desperate attempt to secure a date, any date.

What is avalanching?

Avalanching in relationships refers to the act of constantly swiping right on dating apps or excessively messaging others to express romantic interest, often coming across as too eager in the pursuit of finding a date. This behaviour is akin to an avalanche, as individuals may appear to be overly persistent in seeking companionship to avoid being alone. It's common for people to engage in this behaviour in the hopes of finding a partner, particularly during specific occasions such as Valentine's Day or New Year's when they fear being by themselves.

Signs you're avalanching:

Mass swiping: You're saying yes to everyone, regardless of compatibility.

Constant messaging: You bombard potential matches with messages, appearing overly eager.

Ignoring red flags: You overlook dealbreakers just to secure a date.

Feeling overwhelmed: The constant barrage of matches and conversations leaves you drained.

Why is avalanching risky?

Avalanching can be a recipe for disaster for a few reasons:

Incompatible Matches: By compromising on your preferences, you're more likely to end up on dates with people you have nothing in common with. This can lead to awkward encounters and wasted time.

Unsustainable Energy: The constant barrage of swiping and messaging is exhausting. It sets you up for burnout and makes it difficult to form genuine connections.

Low Self-Esteem: Avalanching can be a sign of deeper issues like low self-esteem or a fear of being alone. These underlying issues can sabotage your dating life in the long run.

Alternatives to avalanching:

If you're looking for love or companionship, avalanching is not the way to go. Here are some healthier alternatives:

Be Clear on Your Values: Know what you're looking for in a partner and stick to your standards.

Focus on Quality Connections: Take your time getting to know potential partners before rushing into a date.

Build Confidence: Work on your self-esteem so you don't need external validation from dates.

Avalanching might seem like a quick fix for loneliness, but it's more likely to leave you feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. By taking a more mindful approach to dating, you'll increase your chances of finding a real connection.

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