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Time to get OVER your break up; 5 ways to move on after putting a full stop on your relationship

Dragging the emotional baggage from your past relationship is never a good idea and also affects your mental health. So, get OVER your break up and move on in life. Here are five healthy ways to do it, find out!

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New Delhi Published on: April 11, 2019 17:27 IST
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Time to get OVER your break up | 5 ways to move on after putting a full stop on your relationship

Breakups never happen just like that. People have different reasons to have a break up with their significant other. But even after having a mutual consent on a breakup, it can be extremely painful and heartbreaking. It is not easy for every person to move on in life there and then.

Moving on in life after a break up is a gradual process because of the feelings and affections attached with your partner. It becomes even harder with emotional people to start a new life and not think of their ex-partner. This is why, today, we give you five easy ways to move on after putting a full stop on your romantic relationship. Read on to find out!

Peace Out

What's gone is gone, so quickly pound your chest twice with your fist and then follow it by the 'peace out' sign. You have to do this for biding a Goodbye to your past relationship because it's time to move on. Accept that your relationship with your partner no longer exists and take 'sufficient' (Do you know why we put those inverted commas, don't you?) amount of time to make peace with it.

Celebrate Your Me Time

Yes, it's time to celebrate the real you when you are single. No matter you have a company or not to enjoy that chocolate pudding, do it by yourself. Go to your favourite dessert cafe and treat yourself for what you are!

Jot Down Your Feelings

Sometimes when going out and treating yourself doesn't help, write down what you are feeling. Everyone is not a writer but jotting down what you are feeling once in a while can heal you from inside.

Shout Out To Your Pals

Still, if you think that nothing is working out, go ahead and call out on your support system. You must have lost touch with your friends as you were in love and now, is a perfect time to make up for that.

Big NO To Drunk-texts

So, when you meet your old friends, it's quite possible that you get drunk and it's all right. But this is exactly the time when you should be in your senses to not text or call your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. There could be nothing worse than drunk-texts.

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