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When is Mohini Ekadashi 2024? Know date, tithi, significance, rituals and more

Mohini Ekadashi, a significant day in Hindu tradition dedicated to Lord Vishnu, falls on Sunday, May 19th, 2024. This auspicious occasion celebrates Lord Vishnu's enchanting Mohini avatar.

Written By: Rahul Pratyush @29_pratyush New Delhi Published on: May 18, 2024 11:13 IST
Mohini Ekadashi 2024
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Mohini Ekadashi 2024: Date, tithi, significance, rituals and more

Mohini Ekadashi is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Vishnu in his enchanting Mohini avatar. Devotees observe a strict fast and perform special pujas to seek blessings for happiness, prosperity, and liberation from worldly attachments. As we prepare to mark this special occasion this year, there are certain key points to bear in mind.

Mohini Ekadashi 2024: Date and timings

Mohini Ekadashi 2024 Date: May 19, 2024

Ekadashi tithi begins: 11:22 AM on May 18, 2024

Ekadashi tithi ends: 01:50 PM on May 19, 2024

Mohini Ekadashi 2024: History

During the Samudra Manthan in Hindu mythology, the nectar was churned out, leading to a conflict between demons and deities over who would consume it. To resolve the dispute, the deity Guru Brihaspati sought help from Lord Vishnu, who appeared as the enchantress Mohini. Mohini took the Amrit Kalash from the demons and distributed the nectar to ensure the immortality of the deities. This event is commemorated as Mohini Ekadashi, and people offer prayers to Vishnu to mark the occasion.

Mohini Ekadashi 2024: Significance

Devotees believe observing Mohini Ekadashi brings blessings of prosperity, happiness, and liberation from worldly attachments (moh maya).

The day commemorates Lord Vishnu's enchanting Mohini form, which he assumed to deceive the demons and secure the Amrita (elixir of immortality) for the devas (celestial beings).

Observing this Ekadashi is said to absolve devotees of past sins and pave the path for moksha (liberation).

Mohini Ekadashi 2024: Rituals

  • Devotees undertake a day-long fast, abstaining from grains and certain other foods.
  • Waking up early, they perform a puja (worship ceremony) by offering prayers, flowers, and sacred leaves to Lord Vishnu in his Mohini avatar. Devotees may also chant mantras dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
  • Devotees may recite the story (katha) associated with Mohini Ekadashi, which highlights the importance of the vrat (fast).
  • Breaking the fast (parana) is usually done the next day after sunrise, following specific rituals.

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