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Want to get rid of dandruff? Clove oil can come to the rescue, know how to make at home

If your hair gets oily during summer due to sweat and you get dandruff which damages your hair, then you can get rid of this problem with clove oil. Let us know how to make clove oil at home and how to use it.

Written By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: May 13, 2024 11:58 IST
clove oil to get rid off dandruff
Image Source : SOCIAL Using clove oil can help you to stay away from dandruff.

If you are worried about hair fall and dandruff issues in summer then use clove oil. It is extremely beneficial for your hair.  The antibacterial properties present in cloves clear dandruff and strengthen the scalp from the roots. Using clove oil restores the lost shine of hair. If you massage your head with this oil, it improves blood circulation and increases the growth of your hair. Let us tell you what are the benefits of using it for hair. Also, how to make this oil at home and how to use it?

Clove oil is effective for these hair problems:

  • Prevents hair fall: The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in cloves strengthen the hair roots. By applying clove oil, blood circulation in the scalp also improves.
  • Removes dandruff: Massage your scalp with clove oil regularly, this will hydrate your scalp and also eliminate the problem of dandruff. The antifungal and antibacterial properties present in cloves are effective in eliminating fungal infections of the head. 
  • Makes hair thick: Clove oil helps a lot in making hair thick. The minerals, vitamins and antioxidants present in it provide nourishment to the hair roots, due to which the texture of your hair changes and they become healthy and start growing slowly.
  • Brings shine to hair: Clove oil brings a natural shine to hair. If your hair has become very frizzy then use this oil.  

How to make clove oil at home? 

To make clove oil, use only fresh cloves. First of all, grind half a clove and make its powder. Now turn on the gas and heat almond oil on low flame. When the oil becomes hot, add clove powder to it. When the clove powder mixes well with the oil and starts boiling, turn off the gas. Now put this mixture in a container jar and keep it. You can use this oil for 1 week.

When and how to use clove oil? 

Apply clove oil for a few hours before taking a bath in the morning. Apply this oil to the roots of your hair with the help of cotton. Keep in mind that you use oil in small amounts. Applying too much oil may irritate.  

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