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Karnataka: Toddler trapped in 16-feet deep borewell rescued after 20-hour operation | VIDEO

Karnataka news: A camera was dropped in the deep borewell to analyse the situation showed Satvik Satish Mujagond moving his feet, and oxygen is being supplied through a pipeline so that the child can breathe.

Sheenu Sharma Edited By: Sheenu Sharma @20sheenu Vijayapura Updated on: April 04, 2024 16:04 IST
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Image Source : VIDEO SCREENGRAB Toddler trapped in 16-feet deep borewell rescued after 20-hour operation in Karnataka.

Karnataka news: After a nearly 20-hour-long rescue operation, the toddler boy who fell into a borewell in Lachyana village of Indi Taluk in this district was safely rescued today (April 4) afternoon, police said. The boy was heard crying inconsolably as the rescue operation was underway. 

Celebrations broke out as the infant Satvik Satish Mujagond, who was trapped at a depth of 16-feet inside the borewell, was brought out safely.

The child was immediately shifted to the ambulance which was stationed at the spot with a medical team.

Child fell into borewell while playing 

According to the police, the child fell into the borewell when he went out to play near his house. The matter came to light when someone heard the child cry and immediately informed the family.

"Rescue operations began around 6.30 pm. Police teams, revenue officials, members of taluk panchayat and officials from the fire and emergency services department are at the spot. All efforts are underway to rescue the child," a senior police officer said.

The boy is estimated to be stuck at a depth of around 16 feet, he said. "No voice can be heard as of now but some movement has been noticed inside the borewell, he said.

Karnataka Minister MB Patil on rescue operation 

Earlier, Karnataka Large and Medium Industries Minister MB Patil has appealed to the people of the state to pray for the successful rescue of the toddler who had fallen into a borewell in state's Vijayapura district.

Talking to media, Patil said, "The rescue staff will reach three-feet beneath the ground where the toddler is stuck and rescue him. They should have reached by this time, but the rescue operation got delayed due to a boulder."

"The sleuths of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) are being aided by the local people. I am in touch with the Vijayapura SP. The rescue operation should be successful. The rest is left to the will of the god. Let's pray to God for a successful mission,” he said.

"Though there is a strict law regarding open borewells, farmers neglect it. If the installed pipes fixed in the hole worth Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000 are left in the hole, the children won't fall inside. But, farmers, by neglecting safety, remove pipes making the open borewells fatal," Minister Patil said.

Yashvanth Rayagoud V Patil, local Congress MLA, said he is hopeful that the child will be reunited with his mother soon. The child was identified as Satvik Mujagonda, the son of Shankarappa Mujagonda and Pooja Mujagonda and a resident of Lachchana village in Indi taluk of Vijayapura.

Pooja said that she is looking forward to the return of her two-year-old child. The authorities, family and people heaved a sigh of relief on hearing the toddler's cries on the camera after over 15-hour rescue operation. The team has dug a parallel pit to the borewell.

The staff confirmed that they had reached the level where the baby was stuck and needed to drill a hole horizontally to reach the toddler. The camera has also recorded the movements of the toddler's legs. 

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