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India TV Fact Check: Social media posts claim alleged hand of RSS members in Manipur violence | Know the truth

India TV Fact Check team investigated the claim made on social media that RSS members were involved in the Manipur incident that shook the nation's conscience.

Edited By: Raju Kumar @rajudelhi123 New Delhi Published on: July 24, 2023 20:08 IST
India TV Fact-Check examined the social media post on RSS
Image Source : INDIA TV India TV Fact-Check examined the social media post on RSS members involving in the Manipur incident

India TV Fact-Check: In the era of social media, fake news is being spread faster than anything. People with vested interests push misinformation to achieve their political and other goals which sometimes creates create law and order situation. Recently, a shameful incident took place in violence-hit Manipur in which two women were molested and paraded naked. The horrific incident shook the conscience of the people. PM Modi himself had called the incident extremely unfortunate asserting action against the accused. 

Meanwhile, a photo in which two persons wearing RSS dresses are seen is going viral on social media. The social media post claimed that the duo in RSS uniform are accused of Manipur horror.

The fact-checking team of India TV investigated the veracity of the photo

What was claimed?

On Twitter, a user named Nayak One News (@nayak1news) tweeted the photo and wrote, "These two are members of terrorist organization RSS, who carried out Manipur incident." A user named Subhashini Ali (@SubhashiniAli) tweeted that he is accused of the Manipur incident. Identify them by clothes. He wrote this same line in English also. However, after 3 hours of tweeting, that user apologised saying this photo is fake. While the other user deleted his post.

When we searched the image on Google to investigate this news, no information was found, but as soon as we typed the keyword on Google in English that 'accused of Manipur in RSS clothes', then some articles opened, after reading which we came to know that this photo is of BJP leader Chidananda Singh's son.

He tweeted, "Why are you people using my son's picture? Let's meet in the court, I am against those who spread such fake news.  I am filing a criminal/defamation suit. I am Chidanand Singh BJP Manipur State Vice President. My family has never been involved in such a heinous crime."

The BJP leader issued a letter stating that in that photo he and his 10-year-old innocent son are being circulated on social media as the culprit of the viral video from Manipur. He also wrote in the letter that this photo was taken from his Facebook profile. The Fact-check team checked his profile and found it to be true. He posted this picture with his son on Facebook on October 17, 2022. When the truth of this news came to light, one user deleted his post and the other apologised to himself.

Manipur incident update
The police so far arrested 6 accused. One of the six arrested accused is a minor. The police are making every possible effort to arrest the remaining criminals by raiding several suspected locations. 

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