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Fact Check: Did actor Ashutosh Rana appeal to vote for BJP? Here's the truth

A video is going viral on social media in which it is claimed that actor Ashutosh Rana has appealed to vote for the BJP. However, our fact-checking investigation has found this claim to be misleading.

Arushi Jaiswal Edited By: Arushi Jaiswal @JaiswalArushi New Delhi Updated on: April 04, 2024 18:08 IST
Fact check
Image Source : INDIA TV Fact check of the video related to actor Ashutosh Rana

India TV Fact Check: Every day, fake news spreads rapidly on social media platforms, often leading people to believe false information. These stories can be related to any ongoing controversy, news or about politicians or common individuals, and unsuspecting users often fall prey to these false reports, believing and sharing them easily. To caution you against such fake news or misleading information, we bring you "India TV Fact Check." The recent case is a video purportedly of actor Ashutosh Rana who appeals to people to vote for the BJP. However, after conducting a thorough investigation, we have determined that this claim is misleading.

What is going viral?

On social media platform X, a user named @Heisenbergbec shared a clip featuring a poem recited by actor Ashutosh Rana, with lotus flowers drawn in the background and the letters "BJP" written on them. The caption accompanying the video reads, "#VoteForBJP, you vote, Ashutosh Rana's appeal to vote for BJP."

India Tv - Fact check

Image Source : SCREENSHOTThis is going viral

India TV did fact check

We searched on Google using keywords related to the claim made in the viral post. We looked for news articles about the claim on almost all reliable news websites and portals on the internet, but we did not find any information of this nature on any news portal. After that, we visited the official websites of the Indian government that release information.

During our investigation, we discovered a video on the official social media account of the actor, which is identical to the viral video. Further investigation revealed that this video is from November 2023, and in it, the actor appealed to vote in the interest of the nation without mentioning any specific party. The actor did not mention any party anywhere in the entire poem. Additionally, our investigation did not uncover any campaign messages or advertisements endorsing the BJP by the actor.

What came out in the fact check?

India TV fact team concluded that the social media claim suggesting that actor Ashutosh Rana appealed to vote for the BJP is misleading.

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