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Voting Congress will strengthen terrorrism, naxalism, separatists: Adityanath

Addressing a public meeting at Peddapalli in support of BJP's candidate, S Kumar, Adityanath said both Congress and TRS are with the 'anti-nationals' and supporting activities which were dangerous' to national security.

Hyderabad Published on: April 07, 2019 21:28 IST
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister- Yogi Adityanath
Image Source : PTI

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister- Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Sunday alleged that a vote given to the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections would only strengthen terrorism, naxalism and separatist forces and obstruct development.

Likewise, votes to the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi in Telangana would strengthen the hands of Asaduddin Owasi, heading the party's ally AIMIM and his brother, he said.

In contrast, if voters chose BJP, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, they could be assured that the party led government would ensure the country's comprehensive development, prosperity and establish India as a superpower, he said.

Addressing a public meeting at Peddapalli in support of BJP's candidate, S Kumar, Adityanath said both Congress and TRS are with the 'anti-nationals' and supporting activities which were dangerous' to national security.

The BJP-led government through its 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas' principle was committed to development of all sections of people and ensuring the country's security and prosperity while on the other hand "the Congress is with anti-nationals and TRS is with the Owaisi brothers," he said.

Under Modi's leadership, the country was moving forward with development and security agenda, while Congress, TRS, TDP and other parties compromised with countrys security and wanted to create anarchy, he alleged.

Targeting the TRS, he said after the party formed its government here, "one family created anarchy promoting all kinds of mafia including the biggest mafia of people who work on playing (sendh lagana) with country's security. The TRS government in alliance with the Owaisi brothers is interfering with security in Telangana," he charged.

"The recently released Congress manifesto certifies it while AIMIM is known for its anti-national statements and acts," he said, asserting that the alliances of these two parties with all of them would only "create a serious threat to the security" of the country as well as Telangana.

Referring to the Congress manifesto, Adityanath said it promised to do away with sedition and the special powers of armed forces.

"We can imagine where Congress wants to take the country.

Does it want to stand in the way of countrys security? the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister asked.

He accused the previous Congress-led UPA government of "serving biryani" to terrorists and said the Modi government on the other hand, has shown resolve 'with bullets' in dealing with terror attacks.

"The BJP leadership has shown that only bullets can be the answer to terrorists, he said.

Adityanath also alleged that the UPA government 'failed' the armed forces by not allowing them to act (against terrorists) and said the hands of the scientists were 'tied', unlike under the Modi government when they showed their prowess by developing and testing the A-Sat missile.

He said the public were aware that the BJP had worked to enhance the country's stature and pride. Everyone knew of the surgical strikes (after Uri terror attack) and Balakot air strike (following Pulwama terror attack) were carried out giving a befitting reply to the nation's enemies, he said.

Adityanatha flayed the TRS-AIMIM tie up, saying that after seeing their five year rule, it seemed that TRS again wanted to establish 'Nizamshahi' (Nizam's rule) in Telangana and make the people "slaves" again.

Under no circumstances should this 'conspiracy' of TRS be allowed to succeed, he said and said BJP would ensure it dealt sternly against anti-social, anti-national and anti-development activities and bring prosperity in the lives of common people and improve their living standards.

Terming the TRS government's move to implement 12 per cent reservation for Muslims as 'unconstitutional', Adityanath said "....reservation to Muslims is against the Constitution.

Constitution does not allow it (reservation for Muslims)".

He was referring to the resolution passed by the Telangana legislature and sent to the Centre, seeking its nod to increase reservations for Muslims in jobs and education from current four per cent to 12 per cent.

He accused the TRS of failing to fulfil its electoral promises and not implementing central government schemes in the state, including the PMJAY health insurance scheme.

The UP Chief Minister alleged that both Congress and TRS indulged in appeasement politics and hence have to be rejected and appealed to the people to support BJP and again choose Modi as the Prime Minister.

"There will be development, there will be security and befitting reply to terrorists through air strikes and surgical strikes, Adityanath added.

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